The Power Behind The Very Best & Most Effective Subliminal Messaging Software Program

After a 1958 experiment conducted in a small cinema the world’s governments got frightened! James Vicary decided to test the power of subliminal messages by flashing the words “hungry”, “eat popcorn”, “thirsty” and “drink coke”.

Vicary made the startling claims that the sales of both popcorn and cola rose significantly as a result of his use of the above mention subliminal messages.

Even though Vicary later admitted that his findings were completely fabricated (and they have never been duplicated since) it lead the U.S., Australian and British Governments to ban the use of subliminal advertising on TV and radio!

However, with Vicar’s confession and the fact that many scientists don’t believe subliminal messages have any effect on the brain whatsoever why did such powerful governments decide to ban them!

Could the answer lie in the CIA’s experiments with subliminals – as discovered through the information of freedom act?

Many people believe the governments merely over-reacted or just “put on a show” to calm the panic felt by the masses at the time. So were they wrong to ban subliminal messages because they don’t work?

Recent evidence from scientific studies conducted at several colleges, the most notable being carried out at University College London, have shown that subliminal messages DO affect the brain and are registered!

Television programs, like the Derren Brown shows, regularly use subliminal messages to affect people’s behaviours. In one show Derren produced a losing horse race ticket and convinced the teller, with spoken subliminal messages hidden in ordinary conversation, that it was a winning ticket and was paid-out!

Several huge companies have been shown to use subliminal messages in their magazine advertisements and it is a well known marketing tool within the marketing arena.

However despite all the media hype, subliminal messages aren’t just used by marketers trying to get us to buy another product that we don’t need. They can also widely employed in the self improvement industry and can be used to make fast, easy and permanent changes with almost no effort.

So what exactly are subliminal messages?

The word “subliminal” just means “below the threshold of consciousness”. The word “messages” should be self explanatory. So a “subliminal message” is merely a message that is offered below the threshold of consciousness!

This means that the subliminal message bypasses the conscious mind and enters directly into the subconscious mind were it acts as a command. The subconscious mind will then immediately go to work guiding your automatic thoughts and action so that you are in alignment with the message.

This means you can alter your own behaviour to reflect that of high achievers, sports athletes or anyone you like! And the truth is when you think and act the same way as they do you will automatically get the same results that they do!

It’s as easy as listening to some Subliminal CDs!

Imagine being able to think and act like Donald Trump, Bill Gates or Sir Richard Branson! Imagine you had the same self belief as Oprah Winfrey or top athletes. Imagine you could replicate the success of ANYONE you choose!

Would you be interested?

Would you like to think and act like a multi-millionaire, an Olympic athlete or a high-achiever? Then find out how you can at Subliminal Power and subliminal software!

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