The No-Fail Way To Reach Your Goals!

Goal-setting has always been used by high achievers. In fact anyone who has accomplished anything really worthwhile in life has had to set some kind of goals to do it. Goals seem so important to many personal development teachers that they think anyone who doesn’t use them is doomed to failure.

In fact goals and goals-setting are so popular that there are a myriad of books, courses, seminars and audio recordings designed to teach you the best way to do it and fastest ways to achieve them.

We are often told that about 80% of people who successful achieve their goals write them down on paper and about 80% of people who fail to achieve their goals did not write them down!

However, merely setting goals, writing them down on paper and telling everyone about them is not going to help you reach your objectives!

There a few simple rules to using goal-setting that I will share with you. When you follow these rules you are much more likely to succeed and obtain what you desire.

1. Desire

Chose goals that are meaningful to you. This may sound elementary but many people are living their lives trying to please their parents or trying to live up to the expectations and desires of others. Chose the things that you want not what others want for you or that you think you should want.

When you set goals from the heart you are much more likely to see it through to the end. When you have a strong desire for something nothing stands in your way. You stay motivated because you are actively seeking something that is important to you!

2. Get Specific

Know exactly what you want and why you want it. The “whys” are always more important than the “hows”. Why do you want to reach that goal? What feelings will you get from the achievement?

When you know why you want something you can keep yourself motivated to get it. How you will get it is immaterial when you have a strong desire. Although you do need to create a plan to reach your goal when that plan does not bring you the results you want (which will happen from time to time) you will be motivated to find another plan.

3. Persistence

If you’re going to reach a goal, you need to be persistent in your actions. Taking small steps towards your goal everyday is better than one giant leap every now and then. You must remain consistent in your actions. The old Chinese adage that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” is true but you must follow that step with another and another and another etc.

This is where a plan becomes very useful. If you set down a plan that involves small steps you will be better able to take those steps. If you do not divide your main goal into smaller workable goals then the whole thing just seems too big a task to take on. Small steps lead to giant breakthroughs!

Follow the above simple steps and there is no goal that is too big for you nor is there a dream that is too elusive!

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