The Music of Binaural Beats!

You may not be aware that there is a technology available to you that can force your brain to create certain physical effects in your body and mind! In fact this technology is often disguised as pleasant music or the soothing sound of ocean waves beating against a sandy beach.

I am referring to the audio technology known as binaural beats.

Through the use of specially designed binaural beats audio tracks you can evoke more creativity, fall into a deep rejuvenating sleep and even increase your brain-power!

To understand better how this technology can help you to make real measurable, and some times dramatic, changes in your life let’s look at what binaural beats are and how they work.

Binaural beats are special auditory tones that are used to create specific brainwaves in the brain of the listener. The reason why binaural beats can act on the brain in this fashion is due to the fact that the brain has a tendency to follow the frequencies of certain outside stimuli that is presented to it.

When tones or even flashing lights, like those used in mind machines, are presented to the brain in a certain way the brain will create brainwaves that are the exact same frequency as the lights or tones. This is a process known as brain entrainment.

So, by flashing lights, or using special binaural tones, that are very specific frequencies it is possible to create specific brainwaves which have been proven to correspond to specific physical and mental states.

The beauty of using binaural beats for brain entrainment means you can now easily create the type of physical and mental states you desire within minutes. You can have more energy, get better sleep, stimulate create ideas, increase your retention of information or even stimulate endorphin release in the body to feel happier more relaxed and peaceful.

In fact any physical or mental state can be produced through the use of binaural beats including a feeling of euphoria because the brainwaves asositaed with these states have been known to science for some time now!

By far the most common use of binaural beats is to induce a state of instant meditation. Extensive research into deep meditation, by Buddhist monks and others, has shown that very specific brainwaves are present during meditative sessions. By using binaural beats recordings you can force your brain to produce exactly the same brainwaves that are associated with deep states of meditation and thus enjoy all the physical and mental benefits as those experienced by a Zen Buddhist Monk.

Binaural beats work by using two separate tones. These tones are almost identical. However, one tone has a slightly different frequency to the other. When these tones are presented to the brain in a certain way the brain will produce brainwaves that have a frequency the same as the difference between the two tones.

To illustrate this I will give a simple example. Let’s say you have one tone with a frequency 300 MHz and the other has 320 MHz. The difference between the two tones is 20 MHz. When these tones are presented to the brain in a certain way, as binaural beats recordings do, the brain will produce brainwaves with a frequency of 20 MHz.

To achieve this is very simple. Through the use of stereo headphones one of these tones is heard by one ear while the other ear hears the second tone. When you use stereo headphones to hear the tones a strange thing happens. Because the tones are very similar the brain merges the two tones together to form just one tone. This works a little like your eyes. You see one image from the left eye and a slightly different perspective from the right eye. However, the brain will take the two images and merge them to form only one. The same thing happens with sounds. You hear a sound slightly differently in each ear due to the positioning of your ears from the sound but the brain merges the two sounds to make them one.

So once the brain merges the two tones that you hear in a binaural beats recording, to create one tone, another strange thing happens. Because the two tones have a slightly different frequency to one another the brain “hears” a beat type effect. In our example above these binaural beats would have the frequency of 20 MHz. The beat does not exist and is actually created by the mind!

Because the exact brainwave frequencies associated with different mental and physical states are known it is possible to use binaural beats recordings to create these exact brainwaves and thus the physical and mental states that are associated with them.

Now, thanks to binaural beats, you can create anything from heightened creativity to states of deep transcendental meditation and feelings of ecstasy!
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