The Lazy Way to Self Motivation!

To be successful, you must be able to motivate yourself. All successful people are self-starters. In order to create something new and attract situations to yourself that will help you reach your desires you must take action. In order to take action you need to be motivated to get off your butt! The steps shared here have been developed by observing the methods of some very successful people. All men and women who achieve high levels of success have an inner drive that is missing in the “ordinary” person. If you wish to join the ranks of the super-successful or even just succeed at creating the life you want, then you need to develop your motivation. Below are some tips to help you reinforce your desires and keep you motivated to keep moving towards them.
1. What Do You Really Want?

Determine what you want from life. Think about the things that will make you happy. Many people are living life in a half-hearted manner. They have either given up on their dreams, denied to themselves that they even have any dreams for fear of not getting them, or are trying to achieve goals based on someone else’s view of what is good for them! You must determine for yourself what you want. Do not let anyone else tell you what you is good for you and do not set goals based on what you think you should want. Go after what you really want!
2. Why Do You Want It?

Motivated people stay motivated because they know why they want what they want. Have a strong reason or reasons for pursuing your dreams keeps you motivated!
3. Mentally Create It?

Almost every successful person knows exactly what success looks like, sounds and feels like before they ever achieve it. How? They know what success is because they have formed the image of it in their minds well before they ever experience.

All successful people do this whether they consciously realise it or not. To be successful and stay motivated you need to have a strong, clear and well-defined vision of what you outcome will be; you must know what success looks like, feels like and sounds like in order to be successful!

4. Create a Plan.

There is a very clever saying that goes, “Failing to plan is a planning to fail”. If you wanted to get to Canada from Mexico you would need to plan your route. If you had no idea what directions you were heading you could end up in Brazil!

Without a plan you are just dreaming. With a plan you are a goal-setter. When you set yourself goals and keep a clear mental vision of the rewards you are going to enjoy you will start to believe that success is possible – this is the greatest motivator of all. However, without a plan you are just a dreamer.

You must create a plan to acquire what you desire. In the beginning it doesn’t matter how bad that plan is just as long as you have one. Without a plan of action you will take no action.

Review the lives of other people who now have what you want and use their experiences to help you formulate a plan of your own.

5.Take Action

A plan is useless if it remains only theory. You must take action. Taking one small step every day towards your desires will eventually get you to your chosen outcome and what’s more it becomes a habit.

When you take action and see results coming from that action you wil be motivated to take more action. This becomes a positive cycle that reinforces your motivation.

So start with small steps that you know will produce results. Once you see those results you will be more motivated to take more small steps until it becomes a natural way of living for you. Then you can take bigger steps and thus get bigger results!

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