The Law of Detachment

Anyone who is interested in personal growth issues, self improvement or personal development has heard at least something about the law of attraction. After the phenomenal success of the DVD and book “The Secret” we have been bombarded with emails about this law and read tons of promises that it can work wonders in your life.

Although “The Secret” was highly entertaining and a great introduction to the law of attraction it did not go far enough. In fact by concentrating on this law, which is one of many, it has done more of a disfavour to “seekers” than it has done them favours.

Have you tried to visualise your way to your desires? Did it work? Probably not! At least it more than likely didn’t work if you just used the exercises given in “The Secret”!

You see there are many laws in the universe and many laws you must follow to conscious manifest your dreams. The law of attraction may be a powerful law but in order to use it CONCIOUSLY you must follow some other laws. The Law of Action is one! You cannot just sit visualizing all day and expect your dreams to miraculously appear – it ain’t gonna happen!

You must be willing to take steps towards your goal. When you take even small steps the universe will take giant steps for you but you must be willing to do something on your own first!

Before you learn about the Law of Attraction, or even the Law of Action, there is one law that supersedes them all. If this law is not understood and worked with nothing you do will produce your desired results!!!!

The law of attraction is always working and will always work. You cannot turn it off. So if you work correctly with this other law the law of attraction will automatically bring you what you want without the need for trying to consciously control it.

What is this law?

It is the Law of Detachment.

This law states that you must be willing to let go of your attachment to your desired outcome before you can receive it. By letting go, we’re not letting go our intention to manifest our desire but merely allowing ourselves to LET GO of the FEELING OF LACKING IT.

Think of water. If you try to grab a handful of water what happens? It slips right through your fingers. However, when you cup your hands and allow the water to be cradled there you can hold into it indefinitely. Your desires are the same.

When we grasp and grab at our desires they will slip through our fingers. By grasping for your goals and lusting after them you are actually affirming that you do not have them. You are focused on the lack of your desires!

By feeling needy you are going to repel the very things you want from you. It is when you let it go of that neediness, lust and grasping that you are demonstrating that you don’t need it and are no longer focused on the lack of it!

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