The Language of Hypnosis!

Language is a curious thing. Let’s take English for example. Although the English language is a universal language that is spoken in many different countries around the world not all words have the same meanings.

If we look at American English and compare it to British English we will see how different words mean different things.

Vernaculars are also common in amongst the British Isles. The Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English all have different words meaning different things.

In fact some local words are so alien to other parts of the British Isles that they are misunderstood, or not understood at all, outside the local topography!

This is one of the reasons people fail to get adequate result when using hypnosis. It is not that the process does not work it is just that it is not being worked correctly.

When using self hypnosis, therefore, it is very important to word post hypnotic suggestions in ways that are meaningful to you. Generic phrases and common words will usually not be enough to spur the subconscious mind into action.

However, carefully chosen local sayings with an emphasis on local meanings for words used can have a dramatic and very speedy effect on the subconscious mind.

The best way of pursuing this approach to using self hypnosis is to first recall a very positive incident from your life. Really bring that memory to life and try to relive it in your mind as much as possible. Can you recall the event in its fullest?

What did you see? Can you recall the sounds, odours and feelings you had? Step into those feelings in your mind. Make them more intense.

Now, describe what you are feeling. Speak out loud. DO you feel “awesome”, “bloody great” like you “could shout from the rooftops”? Describe the feelings as though you were talking to a friend – or better still do this exercise with a friend.

Take note of the language you are using to describe the feelings you are having. This is the language of your subconscious mind. Using similar language for post hypnotic suggestions will make a much bigger impact on your subconscious than fancy or overly descriptive words.

This language and the use of these types of words will elicit the most powerful response from your subconscious mind when they are used in a self hypnosis session. Using this language ensures that you are communicating at the level of the subconscious mind. If you h

ave ever tried self hypnosis before and not received the results that you expected then you can rest assured that the reason for your failure was your lack of ability to connect with your subconscious mind. If you try the above mentioned approach you will be surprised and amazed at the results you start to get from now on!

So just to recap: always use language in your self hypnosis sessions, especially for your post hypnotic suggestions, that is common to you. Do not use fancy words or language that sounds like it came from a psychology textbook or movie about hypnosis. When you use language that is meaningful to you, in your self hypnosis sessions, you will always get the results you want!

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