The Key to Freedom!

Many people want to be financially free. We talk about freedom all the time. We complain that our personal freedoms are sometimes being hindered by government infringement and legislation. We often pride ourselves on the freedom we enjoy compared to other countries. But do you really know what freedom is?

Freedom is the ability to choose to be, do or have whatever you want. Freedom is also the ability to choose to not have, not do, or not be whatever it is you do not want. Ancient mystics, teachers, gurus and avatars have told us for thousands of years that we are already free – we just do not realise it.

If it is true and we are free, really free, to have, be and do whatever it is we want to be, have and do then why do we not realise it? Why do we often seem stuck in the same old routine? Why when we break a relationship do we find ourselves in a new one that merely mirrors the old one? Why do we find ourselves in similar jobs, working with similar people and experiencing similar problems? In fact, if we are so free then why do we have problems at all?

The truth may surprise!

We have actually fooled ourselves into believing that we are slaves!

We think that we are slaves to our jobs, slaves to society and slaves to the economy etc. We feel that we are controlled by the outside world and that it in some way affects us. However, recent experiments in quantum physics are disproving this view and theory of the universe. We are not victims of a separate universe or a collection of coincidental occurrences. We are pure consciousness and consciousness is the driving force of the universe. In fact quantum physics is now telling us the universe can not exist without consciousness – we are literally creating the universe and making it expand.

Although you may find this concept hard to believe it is, nevertheless, based on sound scientific principles! Science is showing us that we each create our own holographic image which we see as reality. However, the reality that we see is merely a reflection of our own mental state! This means we literally create our own lives, bodies and experiences!

So if this is the case then why is your life not the way you want it to be?

This question is simple to answer and hard to explain. Firstly, you must understand that your thoughts create your reality. How you think determines how you live your life and what life experiences you encounter along the way.

The problems you encounter in life arise, not because of your conscious thoughts, but because of your subconscious thoughts and programs. This is why many people fail to get any appreciable results from self improvement techniques when they try to manifest their goals – they are only concentrating on changing their conscious thoughts and never look at their subconscious beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

In order to be totally free you must take yourself off automatic and start to consciously create your life the way you want it to be. You can only achieve this if you remove the negative mental concepts that you hold in your subconscious mind.

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