The Internet Behind Your Eyes!

Imagine the Internet is some living creature and you receive messages through your own brain’s USB port. What would you permit yourself to download?

You wouldn’t want your head to be filled with web site information that doesn’t interest you nor would do you any harm, would you? Maybe you would benefit from a combination of practical self help and manifestation.

So you’ve downloaded your list of information into your memory. You choose to run the first application. But which one would you click first?

Maybe you would run “Happy family version one” to find it will not co exist with “Down the pub with my mates version three” nor “Being honest with my partner version 12” causes a malfunction with “You will tell me if, version six”. Have some fun with these ideas.

Such conflicts in your life are like viruses in your PC. You pull up your firewall. We all know of individuals who live a restricted life created by their own experiences. You are limited only by your own thoughts, so are you at that point where your goals, desires and dreams keep disconnecting? Are you or others draining your power?

If you are searching for a personal development manual, there are many to choose. There are many gurus and systems. How do you choose the right manual for yourself? There is no easy answer. There is a saying that when you come to a forest, choose a path with downtrodden grass, where the mud shows. Maybe look at alternative route where the grass is still growing in places. You may arrive at some stepping stones and in the stream there are three routes from the middle stone to reach the other bank. Someone said they chose the route that was the least used and that produced the best results.

Back to your computer screen. If by using the keyboard and the mouse you can change what you see, then maybe you can think yourself into a better life through an alternative mindset? You just need the manual.

Achieve success with your reset button. Re-load your goals, by discovering alternative knowledge and proven manifesting techniques that will change your life. The bookshelves are filled with hundreds if not thousands of personal development books. What does that tell you? There are many ways to achieve your goals.

It is your destiny to find the right forest path for you. Don’t follow the trail prescribed by others. That path is all about them. Open your mind and your heart to alternatives and seek your new Operating System, version 1.

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About The Author
Mike Lindley is a national IT education prize winner. He holds an Advanced Professional Diploma in Business Innovation. Many regard Mike as a blank-page expert.

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