The Impossible Dream!

When we were young, we had many dreams, we never thought anything was impossible, we were not afraid to dream anything.

However, when we grew up, we slowly began to lose our dreams, we started to accept the “REALITY”. We began to accept the constraints and the limitations of this world. We know that there are certain things we can not do, and there are certain things we can’t achieve.

Did you really think about where these thoughts of impossibility came from? Who told you “You Can” or “You Can’t”?

I think you know the answer, nobody told you, you told yourself. It is the little voice inside you who said constantly to you that you can’t do something, and you always believe what it says.

This little voice is your ego, it’s meant to protect you from dangers. However its only reference point is your past, it makes every judgment by referring to your past experiences. Therefore, everything it told you is based on your past experiences, not reality.

Instead of letting your ego control you, you should learn to control your ego by knowing that what your ego tells you is not the reality.

and …

**The reality is “There is no reality”**

Scientists no longer claim that they know the reality. In fact, this world is an unpredictable world. We were told in high school that electrons circle around nucleus in an certain orbit, we were also told that they can jump from one orbit to another when it releases energy. However, what we were not told is when these changes happens. The fact is nobody knows.

For one moment, an electron is in orbit A, for the next moment, it will be in orbit B. The electron does not travel the space between these two orbits, changes happen spontaneously. This is sometimes called quantum leaps. However scientists do not know when and where a quantum leap will occur. Put it into other words, we don’t know where an electron is located at any given moment of time. How can we claim to know the reality.

Since there is no reality, then…

**What we see is only our perception**

Since we were young, many things we were told to be true are not true at all, many things we thought were reality, are not reality at all, and many things we were told impossible are not really impossible.

I remember the first time I went to Anthony Robbins’s seminar. I heard of this thing called breakthrough. I heard it’s about turning the impossible into the possible. I also wanted to experience a breakthrough. Then I decided to go for the Anthony Robbins’s famous “Fire Walk”. I heard a lot about fire walk before I went to the seminar. I thought there were some tricks, and maybe the “Fire Walk” is just a metaphor, it is not real fire. But when I went to the seminar, I realized there was no trick here. I had to walk on real fire. “How could this be possible?” , “Isn’t that crazy to walk on hundreds of degrees of fire without wearing anything on your feet?

The only voice in my head was “Impossible”, but when I saw so many people walking across the fire without burning, my little voice become quieter. and I wanted to try. When I walked to the fire, I just heard Tony say, “GO..”, then a few seconds later, I was standing on the other side of the fire. “Oh my goodness, I did it!!!” How could that be possible? but it indeed is possible.

From then on, “Fire Walk” has become fairly easy and enjoyable, and I did it again and again.

My perception of fire walk has totally changed.

Change your perception, change your reality.

However, where does our perception come from in the first place?

**Your perception is exactly equal to your level of awareness**

We all have had these kinds of experiences when at one time a task seems very hard, and some time later it becomes very easy. If you are a student, you will find that a problem is very difficult to solve, then you put it aside for some time, and the next time you try to solve it, it becomes extremely easy. You wonder why you could not solve it in the first moment. The problem does not change, the only change is your level of awareness. You are now thinking at a higher level.

Life is about growth, it’s about discovering the highest level of awareness, or the highest law of of the universe. Some people seem very “Lucky”, they easily find the truth, and live by it, so that they can enjoy a stress free life that is designed for them, while others spend their entire lives not finding the truth or the laws of the universe, therefore, they have no chance to experience higher levels of awareness where the true peace exists.

I don’t want to talk too much about the universal laws here, because I have discussed quite a lot in my free course “rapid manifestation”.

Dr Robert Anthony is an expert in teaching people how to use the law of the universe to manifest their dreams. He has put together a very comprehensive audio course, you’ll want to have a copy of it if you want to rapidly manifest any of your desires through the unbreakable law of the universe.

By now I think you already know what is the fastest way to achieve your impossible dreams..

Yes, it is…

**Change your perception and accept your dreams as your reality**

Since the reality is only your perception, why not choose your dreams as your reality. If you can make this shift of perception, your dreams will become very easy to achieve, it is just like the difficult problem you could not solve before.

The easiest way to make this shift is to act as if your dream has already come true. This will give your ego new reference, and convince it that your dreams are possible. Now, you have the control over your ego.

Pretend to be an actor, act the role of your desires, and you will quickly see your dreams manifested in your life.

To your success.

By Song Chengxiang

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