The Fire Of Desire!

Desire is the driving force of life. Fanning the flames of desire is the only way to motivate yourself into action. If you want to achieve something you must be prepared to take the necessary steps to acquire your goal.

Unfortunately in our modern world of fast food and fast paced vehicles we have been conditioned to expect fast results. Instant gratification has lead to generations of families and individuals getting deeper and deeper into debt. Instead of working for their desires they are working to pay off loans, hire/purchase agreements and bank charges!

This “instant gratification” mentality is also responsible for hiding our desires. Most of us have been conditioned into believing that if we cannot have what we want now then we cannot have it all!

This leads to another point that is evident in many people – desire can be a scary thing. As children and young adults, we may have reached for what we wanted only to be rebuffed by parents and teachers and bosses. Many times we discovered that it is easier and less frustrating to keep our desires hidden from others and even ourselves. Stuffing-down feelings of desire just leads to feelings of lust and anger.

A life without desire is a life of apathy! Now the desire of which I speak should not be a grabbing, lusting desire. It is more like an urge to take action to get what you want. A grasping needy desire can actually keep the thing you want away from you!

When we grasp at something we push it away. Our very grasping at the desire is a silent affirmation of the fact that we do not have it! The truth of life is that you get more of what you focus on and by focusing on the desire itself you are actually affirming the fact that you do not have it.

Yes, desire is necessary and an importantly aspect of the human condition. However, once you identify a desire you should IMMEDIATELY go to work on a plan of action for achieving that desire!

Setting goals is the only way to turn a desire into an asset. Without a goal that clearly indicates the desire you have, a plan for acquiring it and a time-table to achieve it, the desire will become a thorn in your side. Setting a goal makes it a means and vehicle for personal growth and self improvement!

Once you have identified your desires you should prioritise them. Choose one or two to work on. Make them goals and write an affirmation which outlines how you already have them.

Take a separate piece of paper and brain-storm ways you can start to move towards that desire – write them all down no matter how strange or unreasonable they sound to you now! Once you have enough ideas (and you will probably get many) pick the best ones and form them into a plan of action.

Then everyday take at least one small step that will lead you closer to your goal. One small step a day may not seem like much but over time these small steps become giant leaps forward!

So, you can sit and deny your desires or give into them and become frustrated. Or, you can take your desires, form them into goals and start working NOW to bring them into reality. The choice is yours!

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