The Emotional Aftermath Of Home Burglaries

In case you have never had your home broken into, it might be hard to imagine the type of emotional distress felt by the victim of a home robbery. While the psychological effects of having your home robbed are somehow smaller than the ones compared to being personally mugged in the street, still the psychological after effects of home intrusions are just as intense.

Chances are it will take a while to feel at ease and safe again inside your very home, or while walking in the streets of the neighborhood you are so familiar with, and yet which feels so unsafe now. Overcoming the negative emotions that are triggered by becoming a victim of a robbery is not as easy task. Below you will find a few guidelines that should be helpful for home intrusion victims.

People Respond Differently To handle emergencies

Depending on gender, age, personality, beliefs, and coping abilities or life experienced that have marked them, people will have different types of reactions to the same stimuli. One could experience one, several, or all of the following:

  • shock and disbelief. After going through a home robbery, one might feel shocked and experience feelings of disbelief. They might also feel disconnected from the whole event and their feelings toward it, and have a problem accepting what has just happened to them. The quicker the victim of a home robbery will understand and acknowledge what has happened, the sooner they can start planning the next steps toward obtaining an enhanced degree of security for their home. Often times, working together with a security expert or a locksmith that handles residential services is an excellent idea. These people have seen all sorts of home break-in cases with their very eyes, and they have been called to fix broken locks, re-key or replace them with new ones after a robbery, and install alarm systems and additional deadbolt locks to old sets of locks for further security.

  • Victims may also be in denial for a long time, which means they will refuse to openly admit that it is something bothering them. This attitude is not a sane one, as it will only potentially lead to further issues in the near future. Burglars who discover there is a vulnerability in a lock mechanism they will most likely keep an eye on their old recent victims and see if they plan on doing something to change things. In case they don't and the old locks or lockless windows are left unattended, they will want to come back for more loot.

Use Your Anger To Strengthen Your Home Security

More time will pass by and you will eventually start to feel anger toward the person who is responsible for the robbery. And you will want to find them and make them accountable for their deeds. You need however not to allow your anger to consume you from the inside. Instead, embrace it and use it to your best advantage, by getting in touch with a suitable team of locksmiths like these ones here and/or security experts and asking them to give you the most pertinent advice. Install the best locks and surveillance systems with an alarm you can afford and do not give in to fear. Ask for the support of your family and friends and lean on them for emotional comfort.

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