The Centerpointe Holosync Solution To Personal Growth

Can you optimize your brain through stereo sounds and headphones? Have Centerpointe, with The Holosync Solution, created the ultimate product for changing your life?

The secret behind the Holosync claims lies in binaural beats! These specially recording sounds are 2 separate tones with slightly different frequencies. One tone is played to the left ear while the other goes to the right ear.

These tones create something called brain entrainment which can have a massive impact on your mental and physical state.

Centerpointe Create Holosync

Centerpointe claim that their recording, Holosync, can also have a massive impact on your life.

Although binaural beats have been used to create states of relaxation, heightened energy, deep sleep and many more Holosync have developed a way of using them for major self improvement issues such as removing emotional attachment to past memories and raising a person’s tolerance threshold.

The Holosync approach to Binaural Beats has its foundations firmly in personal growth.

Before the availability of recordings, such as Holosync produce, the only means to induce specific changes like this was by practicing deep meditation.

For thousands of years this form of meditation has only been possible for practitioners with over 20 years experience, such as Zen Buddhist Monks.

Centerpointe have created a product that does it in minutes!

Through the use of Holosync recordings it is now possible for anyone to enter deep meditation in minutes just by wearing a pair of headphones.

Are There Real Life Benefits to Holosync Meditation?

What we achieve in life is always in direct proportion to what we feel we deserve and can achieve.

The holosync solutionPast failures, emotional upsets and negative experiences all play their part in how we perceive the world and our place in it.

Holosync meditations (and all transcendental meditations) are designed to eliminate all the emotional connections between our memories, thoughts and beliefs so that we are free of preconceived notions and more confident in our own power.

Benefits of Meditation

The Holosync approach allows you to achieve the same results from meditation that would normally take a lifetime.

Some of the benefits of the Holosync meditations include:

  1. More relaxation.
  2. Deeper more restful and energizing sleep.
  3. More creativity.
  4. A slower aging rate.
  5. Releasing of past negative emotional memories.
  6. Reduced Stress.
  7. More physical energy.
  8. Better focus.
  9. Increased remembering of learned information.
  10. Quicker recovery and healing times after injury.

Holosync creator Bill Harris realized the immense value of mediation he decided to produce recordings that could induce it easily.

Since the 1980s, when Holosync released the Holosync program, they have constantly have refined and improved on it.

After many years testing the program for myself I can say honestly that it does everything it says it will.

Holosync in Action

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