The Binaural Breakthrough

by Michael McGrath

You have heard about binaural beats and read about the wonders that are claimed for them. Many manufacturers claim that binuaral technologies can be used to change your life in dramatic ways. Is this true?

To answer this question we must first take a look at what binaural beats are and how they work!

Binaural beats are in fact an illusion. They do not exist as and of themselves. Binaural beats are an effect that the brain creates when it hears specific sounds presented in a specific way. To understand this better think of an optical illussion. In a similar way binaural beats are just an auditory illussion created by the brain.

Binaural beats occur only when you wear a set of stereo headphones.

Through the stereo headphones one ear hears on eof the tones while the other ear hears the other tone. The only difference between these two tones is their frequency. In every other respect they are the same. It is when these tones are played simultaneously, one to the left ear and one to the right, that the brain merges them to create one sound. It’s a bit like your eyes. You see one image from the right eye and one from the left but the brain merges the two so you see only one image.

When you listen to these tones through stereo headphones the brain merges them both to create just one tone. However, a beat type effect is also produced. The beats produced by the brain have a frequency that is the difference in frequency between the two tones. For example if one tone has a frequency of 30 Hz and the other has a frequency of 20 Hz then the beat type effect would have a frequency of 10 Hz.

So how is this effect of binaural beats useful to us? How does this technology apply to life and what can you get from it?

Well it has been known for a long time that our mental, emotional and physical states are all ruled by the brain. It is also known that the brain produces brainwaves that have a specific frequency depending on what we are doing. When we are asleep the brain displays Theta or Delta brainwaves. When relaxed, in trance or daydreaming the brain displays Alpha brainwaves. Beata brain waves are the prevalent frequencies that are present in the brain when you feel alert and energetic.

Through much research and experimentation the exact frequency ranges of these brainwave states is known.

The exciting thing about binaural beats is that when you listen to them the brain begins to resonate at the same frequency as the binaural beats you are hearing!

This means we have the ability to create any brainwave state we want and thus enjoy the mental, emotional and physical benefits associated with them. It is possible to experience deeper levels of sleep, laser-like concentration, better retention of learned knowledge, more relaxation and many other benefits merely by listening to a binaural beats recording.

Such uses of binaural beats means that, with the correct recording and frequencies, you can easily create a multitude of mental, emotional and physical states. Just pop on your headphones, plug into some binaural recordings and chill out!
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