The Biggest Block to Success Isn’t What You Think It’s How You Think!

Many people strive to better their lives and create more of what they want. They watch “The Secret” study the Law of Attraction and visualize their goals – yet nothing changes!

Then a fortunate few learn that they are blocked from achieving what they want in life because of their beliefs. Subconsciously they hold the opposite intention from what they are striving for consciously and this subconscious focus (on what they do not want) causes all their hard work to be “cancelled out”!

The subconscious beliefs you have around money, love, success and happiness absolutely can block you from realizing what you most want to create. The truth is your subconscious mind has one primary objective!

The subconscious mind has only one responsibility – to keep you safe!

The number one role of your subconscious is survival. Bottom line, if you stop breathing or pumping blood, it doesn’t really matter what else happens. Safety is the name of the subconscious game!

Since the subconscious views everything through this “safety” filter the first question it asks when presented with anything is: “If I let this happen, will I be safe?”

Your subconscious can only answer this question by accessing its vast storehouse of information which is all merely past experience. Using your past experiences as a gauge it determines if what you want will be safe for you and help you in your survival or not. This means, your subconscious looks at past events to determine if this is a good idea or bad idea.

Now the problem lies in the fact that you are still alive! I know this sounds crazy but the subconscious is very much concerned about your safety and the fact is the things that you have always done keep you safe and alive. Therefore why would the subconscious mind risk doing something new when it does not know the outcome – after all it could be disastrous and threatening to your survival!

This is why we often continue to take the same actions even when they no longer serve us. Even if something doesn’t work for you anymore you continue doing it because your subconscious is comfortable with the projected outcome will be. It feels that the safer option is to stick with what it knows – This also why you feel resistance when you try to make changes in your life. The subconscious mind will also throw up a lot of fear and trepidation because it is unsure of the outcome!

Even when you resist giving-in to your fears and make a change you often find yourself slipping back into past behaviours even though the new behaviours appear to working and bringing you what you want.

The first step to changing your life is to acknowledge that you have been sabotaging yourself and a t subconscious level. Then, you must give yourself permission to begin the process of change. You must acknowledge the fear you feel and keep moving forward in finding the assistance you need to begin.

The very best way to remove your subconscious blocks to success and to retrain your subconscious mind is to “release” the emotions that are behind your current “comfort zone”.

Would you like to make major changes in every area of your life? Then go to Release Technique and see how easily you can achieve all your dreams.

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