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The Bible – Is this God Speaking Today?
What is the world’s bestseller for several thousands of years, read aloud more than any other book, translated into many language more than any other book, and moved more people into a divine destiny more than any other book? The answer is simple: the Bible. But, have you ever paused to wonder what makes this collection of literature so amazing?

So what’s so different about this book that it’s caused so much sustained interest over the years?

Well, first of all it’s not just one book. Rather it’s a library of 66 books in total, organized in 2 main sections called the Old Testament and (creatively!) the New Testament. The Old Testament includes 39 books, to the New Testament’s 27. More than 40 authors contributed to this collection, writing over a period of at least 1500 years, and living in very different cultures. The most recent (the Gospel of John) being completed over 1900 years ago.

The Bible contains a wide variety of types of literature – narrative history, poetry, philosophy, prophecy, letters, and the Apocalypse. The Old Testament focuses on the history of the Nation of Israel, and God’s dealings with them, while the New Testament tells of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the development of the early Christian church.

Another reason that many people are drawn to the Bible is its expression of God’s revelations for everyone in mankind and words about hope and life to a declining humanity.

“In the beginning, God created… ” are the opening words, introducing us to an almighty being who just speaks, and awesome things happen. Mirroring this introduction, the Gospel writer, John, in the last Bible book to be written, starts “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God…” emphasizing that God is a person for whom communication and relationships are right at the core of his being.

The Bible contains two unique features not found in other books: (1) Jesus Christ is presented as the resurrected Savior and alive today and (2) Prophecies in the Bible about our world end with an optimistic outcome rather than negative messages provided by contemporary predictions.

Not everyone is able to read the Bible in its entirety. Whether it’s the complex language or the sheer overwhelming volume of reading, the Bible is often approached in smaller parts or in sections. Some of the more easily read sections are Genesis, Judges, or the Gospels in the New Testament.

Approaching the Bible by topic or theme is another way to work your way through this intricate reading material. Some software programs can help you sort through the text to find themes that you find most interesting. Some common themes are the nature of God, mankind’s rebellion, forgiveness, sacrifice, grace and worship.

It’s not an easy task to navigate through the Bible on your own. Check out Reading Plans online at heartlight for more guidance.

But the greatest claim of the Bible is that it is God’s Word to us human beings. That he has spoke to us and wants us to hear, and that we can get to know him through reading, listening, and acting on what he has to say!

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