Ten Steps for Reducing Debt!

Follow these straightforward 10 steps and scale back your debt.

1. Save a quarter of revenue in super safe investments.

Before aggressively clearing your debt, pay yourself first. Have a quarter earnings in a savings account or other no risk investment that you can get to in an emergency. Don’t put off any longer having this emergency saving.

2. Pay off debt before investing.

It does not make much sense investing for modest returns when you have a Visa card and other high loan payments higher than 12 p.c. When you invest in your own debt, it is like getting an assured return on your money since you know just how much interest you’ll save vs how much you might earn.

3. Renegotiate your loans and rates.

Call your lender and simply ask to have your rates dropped. The worst they can say is no, and if they say no, put a note in your calendar to try again in thirty days. Keep trying! Chances are high that you will find plenty will lower or change the terms to a more favorable rate which will save everyone a ton of cash. If you are in dire monetary straits, consider hiring a debt negotiator.

4. Invest sudden cash back into debt.

When you get cash as a gift, your earnings tax refund, and/or a surprising discount or raise, don’t go out and spend that money. Use it to pay off a bill and thus reduce what you owe and the interest you are paying. Another technique is at the end of the day, take all your loose change and put it into a jar. Every month, cash all those coins in and use it as an additional payment.

5. Find cheaper price alternatives.

Stop buying eveything new! Buy items used on an auction site. Go browsing and search for grocery discounts on stuff you already use. Cancel services and use cash back guarantees for stuff you aren’t using or do not need. Pack a lunch rather than purchasing lunch at work. Hire a DVD rather than going to the films. Go to the library rather than purchasing books or get them used or free on the web.

6. Sell new and used items.

Sell used books, cds, textbooks, and stuff you longer need or use. Go online through auction sites like Ebay. It is simpler then you think. Other stuff like baby furniture, kids clothes, etc can be sold online.

7. Consider taking a second job.

Look for methods to expand your income that does not need investment. Write articles for websites. Get a part-time job. Create items folk desire to purchase. Become an affiliate and build a website that promotes other people’s products. Write reviews on products you like and have your affiliate URL listed in your review.

8. End bad habits that cost money.

Quit smoking and use what you were paying to eliminate your debt. Drink more water from the facet rather than purchasing bottled water or juice. Eat fruits and veg rather than fast food. Have a meal before going grocery shopping. Turn off lights and electric appliances when not in use. Don’t over tip or give cash way.

9. Gain knowledge.

Use free resources online to do for yourself what you were paying others to do. Go to adult education and look for ways to help you enhance your job talents. Get tips & tricks about reducing debt from forums or blog posts.

10. Fix and enhance your credit report.

Order a free copy of your credit score at once from the 3 major credit reporting agencies themselves. Begin a letter writing campaign to dispute and remove inaccurate information. Frequently this is a battle of wills, and if you endure and proceed to aggressively push to wash up your record clean, slowly it’ll occur.

The removal of only one bad item can dramatically enhance your score, enabling you to access lower Interest Rates that will allow you to consolidate your high interest debt.

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