Ten Powerful Questions!

Have you achieved your life’s wishes or the fulfilment of your dearest dreams? If not, why not? Have you considered the possibility that you may be asking yourself the wrong questions?

You might be wondering, “What do questions have to do with the fulfilment of my desires and the manifestation of my dreams? I do not want questions, I desire answers!”

That in itself is a great question!

I have come to believe the way to find the best solutions to your problems is to ask yourself the best questions possible.

In this way, you shape your answers to meet the nature of the question you are asking. And when you do that you begin to naturally find solutions to your problems.

You’ll have witnessed baby-kissers both as they run for office and as they hold press meetings. Once in office they appear to respond to the actual query asked. That is a frustrating example of what a tough query can do, and what an answer that isn’t hooked up to the query does to the listener.

A good query really forms a context for our thinking and guides us to think about a new paradigm in how we answer it. A good question can change how you view the world and your place in it. A great question can challenge your long held negative beliefs and thinking about the answer can shatter your misconceptions about what is possible for you!

Bad questions simply maintain the established order! To gain the accomplishment of a goal, you cannot maintaining the status quo – you must break out and break free! If maintaining the status quo was all you wanted from life, you would not be reading this article!

So you must shape our questions, even those you ask yourself, to grow your private framework and view of reality and the possibilities and opportunities it offers to you. When you do so, you expand your own thinking, expand your ideas, and therefore expand your capacity to develop. That sure is a good formula for accomplishment!

You should start to ask yourself questions that spur you on to truly making desired shifts in your life.

Ask yourself the following questions and really contemplate the answers:

1. What’s your story about your life that is restricting your happiness?

2. Do you suspect that you as a person are profitable to invest in for your fulfilment?

3. Where does irresponsibility lie in your path to your satisfaction?

4. How are you not giving yourself authorization to thrive?

5. What has worked in the past, to create those finest moments in your life that you can repeat now?

6. Who believes in you, or assumed in you during the past, who would know that you can succeed? What do they know about you that tells them that?

7. What does your heart of hearts say about your qualities that are precious?

8. What dreams are waiting for you to communicate them out loud? How long have they been waiting?

9. If you might have a miracle happen tonight, whilst you are sleeping, and your dreams were true tomorrow, what would you do tomorrow, different from today? And what’s stopping you?

10. Are you prepared to let your Spirit pull you forward? If not, why not? If that is so what would that direction look like?

Sit with this list of questions and get an understanding of the one that you like the best. It could be the query that makes you grin, or, it could be the query that really brings on the most pain for you. Whatever it does to you, choose the question that stirs you the most, and then write down your answers to that question.

As you write your answers, consider who you’d like to share them with who will be supportive of you finding your way to the fulfilment of your desires. Share your answers with them, and get their feedback. Then you will be led straight to do something with your answers. If that is the case do it. Don’t hesitate, just do it. Life rewards the person who takes decisive, well-thought-out action. Be that person!

Ask yourself the 3 powerful questions at the core of the Sedona Method now and begin to change your life today!

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