Take Responsibility!

A friend of mine the other day was telling me all about her problems and blaming God for all them. I did not say much then, but it got me to thinking about my own past.

When I used to blame people and God for all of my problems. When I had my battles with depression and addiction my life was not going very well.

I did not have many friends and the ones I had were not the best influence on me. I was broke because I spent my money on beer at bars. I did not have a very good job and this is just the tip of my problems at the time.

One day after I lost a job and had two months sleeping on my parents couch to think about my, life I realized something.

I had to change, I could not rely on any one or any thing to help me, short of God himself.

Yes, I said I had to change. There is word that makes people feel very uncomfortable. We do not like change, change means that we admit that what we are doing is wrong and we may need to try another way.

I ask you one question, if the way you are doing things is not getting you what you want, then why not try something new? It only makes sense if you think about it for a little while.

Even when it comes to God he does not do things for us. We have to do them ourselves. He may show us an open door, give us a good idea or put us into contact with people who can help us.

God gave us free choice which means we make our own decisions. We decide whether to walk through that open door, act on that good idea or talk to the people God thinks would be good for us to talk to.

I know many people who want to blame other people for the problems, but when you start blaming others for your life’s situation you do a dangerous thing. You give control to that person. You cannot solve your problems, if you think someone has control over the situation.

That is why you must accept responsibility for yourself, your life and mistakes. As soon as you say I made this mess now I have to clean it up then you have already started in the right direction.

Accepting Responsibility is not the same as blaming. Do not use negative terms and say that your are stupid or dumb. Tell yourself what it is a mistake, a bad choice, everyone makes those and most you can recover from with some hard work and at times a little help.

So, go take a problem in your life take responsibility for it and start solving it today.

Brain System; achieve any and every goal.

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