Success is a Choice!

Within personal development and self improvement teachings there is a common theme that always seems to come up – Intention. Simply put “intention” means making a decision to have, be or do something. When you make an intention to be successful, therefore, you are actually making a decision to succeed. So, how does this work?

Many people get confused when the word “intention” is used. It has become a sort of personal development buzz-word in the last few decades – mostly due to Joe Vitale.

However, very few people truly understand what it means to have intention and to give Joe Vitale his dues he does strive very hard to enlighten people on the subject.

You see intention does not just refer to making a conscious decision. If it were that easy to achieve everything you wanted then we would all be driving Ferraris and living in huge mansions!

Unfortunately, there is a little more to using “intention” than merely making-up your mind that something is going to happen!

When you use intention to change your life it must be a decision that is made on all levels of mind, body and soul – your entire being must be in harmony.

In order to achieve this harmony you must ensure that your subconscious mind is not in conflict with your desires. If you harbour negative subconscious programming or conflicting desires or conflicting beliefs you will never reach your objective!

Making a decision to be successful must include a subconscious decision to be successful. In fact you must have the subconscious belief that you are already successful.

Top achieve this you must remove the negative programming that is blocking your success or that is in conflict with your desires.

Mr. Vitale calls this “getting clear”. Other people call it “subconscious reprogramming”. There are many names for it.

By far the most effective way of clearing the subconscious mind of negative programs, beliefs and automatic behaviours, which work against your conscious efforts and decisions, is the The Release Technique.

Removing subconscious negative programming is the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to reach success. In fact, if you do not remove the negative subconscious programming that is holding you back from success then all the “intention” in the world will not bring you even an inch closer to what you want!

In order for intention to work, or any other self improvement approach, tool or technique, you must remove your negative beliefs!

Obviously there is a multitude of ways to do this from hypnosis, to subliminal messaging products. In fact you can use the free isochronic “Manifestation” MP3 offered by at personal development newsletter to reprogram your mind for success.

Regardless of how you intend to achieve the success you desire you should be aware that without rooting out your subconscious blocks you will never achieve very much. However, it has been shown by many thousands of people that once these blocks are removed success comes easily and unbelievably fast!

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