Success is a big hunk of Iron!

SUCCESS in Business and Life is likened to a steam-powered locomotive.
That massive hunk of IRON sits there imposingly bold and ready for a successful journey.

Coal is the fuel that gets this big hunk of metal traveling at varying speeds.

Now the coal can just sit there, with the big Iron steam engine and that’s fine, but the engine goes nowhere.

On the other hand, when the coal is shoveled in to the engines’, flaming red-hot furnace fire, the goal begins.

The engine warmly receives much needed energy and the locomotive begins its journey.

The real change comes to play, when the fire burns coal, which creates steam and right on down the mechanical line, levers and gears immediately get moving and momentum begins.

More coal, more steam more momentum.

Successfully reaching its destination sooner or, later.

The equation to this is; ME/You (Iron Engine) to effectively get to your destination (goal)+Coal (proven information) times the amount(proven information) shoveled in the (brain) engine (read, devoured intellectually) + Fire (overwhelming passion, spirit, unwavering goal) produces the Steam (energy)= mass, reaching a destination(goal).

Now ADD the pushing, pulling or pressing the lever or button (action and application… ie get off butt and do something) =Goal.

Success, money and recognition can be yours in less time than those that completed the brain-busting, back-breaking labor to build the engine.

1. Physical person, Engine 2. Coal /fuel (Proven information from professionals that have taken years to accomplish the goal) 3. FIRE (enthusiasm, passion, burning desire) 4. Steam (Power to get out of the comfort zone) 5. Again Me/You (Engine) to set this all into motion by shoveling the coal in and physically getting involved, by pulling the lever (Action) and the engine begins to move on its journey.

It beat walking… what do you think?


A letter of our alphabet that is virtually ‘unthought’ about and in my opinion the most significant.

The letter U, should be pasted on our mirrors while performing your morning rituals, frequently perceived floating in our cups of coffee or tea, seen at busy intersections when traveling about, making decisions, interacting with others and getting things done.

Yes… It’s all up to U Dave Powell

About… Dave Powell, born in a small town outside Akron, Ohio in 1946… the beginning of “the Baby Boomers”

His career began in 1969 after serving in the Armed Forces.

Serving in the United States Army, with a one-year tour of duty in Viet-Nam, a year and a half in Germany, stateside then OUT. Achieving success in the life insurance business, before entering into self-employment to date with hypnosis practice part time… On-Line Venture

Free Enterprise is what made the few free nations out there what they are. Promoting proven masters of business will help entrepreneurs take a shortcut from the difficult road to INDEPENDANCE.

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