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Subliminal Power

The Subliminal Power of Your Brain

For a long time neuroscientists have likened the human brain to a powerful computer. In fact it is an established fact that your brain is the most powerful bio-computer on the planet! It can calculate unbelievable mathematical algorithms in a fraction of a second and immediately send instructions to millions of parts of your body instantly to make it perform complicated motor movements that you take for granted!

Are you aware that billions of dollars have been spent developing a computer that is capable of judging the speed and distance of a vehicle driving ahead of you so that it can regulate the speed of your car?

Your brain can do that instantly while you engage in a conversation with another person and adjust the volume of your CD player! To your brain this is such a simple task that it can still regulate your breathing, blood flow, digestion etc., while it performs these actions.

Think of it. You have at your disposal a bio-computer that is capable of executing more instructions more accurately and faster than if you put every computer in the world together!

When you have access to a computer like that it’s worth learning how to use it and the subliminal mind power that runs it!

Subliminal Power

The Power of Your Thoughts

Most people are in agreement that the results you get from life depend on the actions you take. All psychologists, metaphysicians and self improvement gurus agree that your actions are determined by your thoughts. Your thoughts are your true subliminal power and driving force in your life.

Every action you take is preceded by a thought.

These thoughts are always guided by your beliefs! As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t you are right!”

Using subconscious mind power is both simple and difficult!

It is simple because of an axiom of personal development that states “you get more of what you focus on in life”. Focus on the things that make you happy and you will get more things to make you happy The problem with most people however is that they are constantly focused on what they do not want instead of focusing on what they do want.

The difficulty lies in the fact that most of the focusing you do is subconscious. You are using your brain power subconsciously to get more of the things you don’t want!

Even people who try to use goal-setting, visualization, affirmations, or any of the myriad of personal development and self improvement techniques available, fail the majority of time.

Why is this?

Because the unconscious, or automatic thinking, of most people is directed towards what they do not want this means their subliminal thoughts are extremely negative. Their negative beliefs are constantly running in the background negatively affecting all their efforts like a virus in a computer. This means there unconscious thoughts have subliminal power over their lives! They are using their own subliminal power against themselves!

Subliminal Power

Failure & Success Are Merely
By-products of Your Beliefs

Have you ever tried to achieve something yet no matter how hard you tried you were unable to succeed?

At these times you were literally running the wrong mental software on your powerful bio-computer! So no matter what you did you automatically attracted failure!

This can be extremely frustrating and continued failure can even program your brain to expect more failure!

However, stands to reason that if you can automatically generate and attract failure, no matter what you do, then you should be able to automatically generate and attract success.

Makes sense, right?

If running the wrong mental software can automatically create failure then by running the correct software you should be able to create success – automatically!

So imagine for a moment what you would do if you had a secret weapon that would allow you to program your powerful bio-computer with software that forced it to produce the life you want – effortlessly!

The designers of Subliminal Power say they have created a product that can do just that and more! In fact Subliminal Power is specially designed computer program that lets you reprogram your powerful subconscious mind effortlessly as you sit at your computer. All through the power of subliminal messages!

Subliminal Power

The Power of Subliminal Messages

subliminal-messages-listenSubliminal programming works on the premise that you can bypass the conscious mind and change the beliefs and attitudes in the subconscious mind.

As we know, it is the beliefs and attitudes that are held in your subconscious mind that are the guiding forces in your life. These beliefs are the unconscious programs that create emotional responses in you and guide your thinking to make you behave in certain ways and create either failure or success in your life.

You can change negative, harmful and non-productive beliefs through a variety of means but the quickest and easiest is through the use of subliminal power.

In fact subliminal messages are so powerful at influencing your behaviour that the U.S.A., UK and Australian Governments banned them from radio and television advertisements in 1974. They stated that subliminal messages “gave individuals and companies too much of an edge”.

Subliminal Power

The History of Subliminal Messages

Recently the Freedom of Information act meant that the 1958 CIA’s extensive experimentation in the use of subliminal messages was revealed. In fact it was undisclosed by a CIA source that “It may be possible to use the words OBEY in their subliminal projections!

In the 1960’s studies by gurus William Bryan Key, Vance Packard, and Eldon Taylor proved the power of subliminals.

From the 1970’s to the present day advertisers have pumped billions of dollars, pounds and euros into subliminal advertising campaigns. Now, multi-billion dollar companies would not use this approach if there was no subliminal power behind it!

Subliminal Power


Subliminal Power

What’s in it For You?

Subliminal Power is a program that allows you to take advantage of the power of subliminal messages while you work on your computer.

The Subliminal Power program runs flashing subliminal messages on your computer screen. These messages are shown for a fraction of a second and at such a fast rate that the commands totally by-pass the conscious mind and effortlessly enter the subconscious where they are taken as commands to be immediately implemented.

Subliminal Power has an exciting and fully-customizable studio package that will run on any Windows computer. Once installed Subliminal Power silently starts with your computer and runs in the background, constantly flashing subtle random-area, low-contrast, 100-millisecond messages while you work.

The fact that the messages are flashed on screen for only milliseconds does not stop your subconscious mind from seeing them and more importantly believing them!

Subliminal Power




Subliminal Power have produced a great product. The computer program was very easy to use and gives the option of adding your own affirmations and also editing existing ones. This is an important feature as you can alter the subliminal programming to match your unique requirements.

The list of affirmations is huge and covers a wide variety of subjects.

Subliminal Power supply you with everything you need to create very specific subliminals on your own computer.

Subliminals do work!

However, many fail to give the desired results that are wanted because they are generic in nature (designed to be listen to by everyone). However, with the exciting computer program, Subliminal Power, you can create your own subliminals that will bring the results that YOU want!

All in all, we would recommend you download Subliminal Power now. It is a great product for anyone interested in making a lasting and profound change in their life but who don’t have the time to invest in self improvement courses. The Subliminal Power package really is an effective way to effortless change both internally and in the external world.

Subliminal Power