Subliminal Movie Review


Subliminal Messages have been around for a while. You can purchase pre-made subliminals or get some custom made. But have you ever tried visual “subliminal messages”?

We found a product that claims you can, “Watch A Subliminal Video That Could Automatically Increase Your Income Up To 500% Or More In 1 Week!” So we had to test it!

Subliminal programming works by bypassing the conscious mind to influence the subconscious mind. It is in the subconscious mind where all your beliefs, values and attitudes are held. These beliefs and attitudes are the unconscious programs that cause your emotional responses and guide your rational thinking. The subliminal video is designed to remove self-doubt, build confidence and your belief in your ability to attract more money.

Subliminal Evidence

There is mounting evidence to suggest that subliminal programming does indeed reach the subconsciousness mind and the marketing industry has employed subliminal advertising for decades.

Although many marketers will deny that they use such tactics you may wish to review the video below!

Subliminal Messages


Subliminal Movie

Subliminal Movies

The subliminal messages in the movie are flashed along with high quality visually appealing pictures at a very fast rate. However, this does not stop the subconscious mind from registering what is presented and integrating the commands into your belief system.

Subliminal programming sends messages directly to your subconscious mind and because the subconscious mind is where you hold your beliefs and attitudes, by using a subliminal movie, you have direct control over your own belief system.

The aim of the subliminal messages is to change your beliefs at a core level of mind and reprogram your powerful subconscious mind or ‘trick’ it into believing you are earning more money!

The subconscious will do everything in its power to make sure your physical reality matches your beliefs! You will begin to get creative ideas, take new directions in your finances and it will seem like magic as you encounter more and more opportunities to earn money.

Subliminal Movie



The subliminal messages offered in the subliminal movie are well scripted. Visual Subliminal technologies work fantastically well. provided you watch the movie!

The main benefits of this kind of technology is increased confidence, self esteem and creativity as well as the removal of all those nagging self doubts and criticisms that run in your head.

There is no doubt that watching this subliminal movie will help you become a more confident, self-assured person who believes in their own possibilities but increasing your income by 500% is an extreme statement in our view.

However, your creativity will rise as will ‘coincidences’ that lead to money-making opportunities.

All-in-all I would say this piece of subliminal technology is well worth the investment!

Subliminal Movie