Subliminal Mind Zoom Review – Subliminal Software

Mind Zoom is the latest state of the art subliminal mind programming software which runssubliminal messages on your computer screen. It runs pre-written scripts that flash on your computer screen to reprogram your powerful subconscious mind.

mind-zoomIt comes preloaded with several scripts but has the additional feature of an inbuilt editor which allows you to modify the existing messages or create your own from scratch!

There are other subliminal messages software products for your computer on the market that are very similar (such as Subliminal Power) but I found this one to be the least intrusive – my computer ran at its normal speed and there was no interruption to other programs (unlike some other products offering the same service).

In the set-up tab of the programs interface you have the ability to add or alter the messages that are being displayed as well as adding your own. The scripts themselves are well structured and the default settings flash the messages in a way that mean they are only visible for a fraction of a second (just long enough for your subconscious mind to take notice).

mind-zoom-plusThere are many features available in Mind Zoom. You can change font size and colour, adjust the positioning of the messages, the length of time between messages and the message duration.

When you can the duration and frequency of the subliminal messages delivered by Mind Zoom you are also shown exactly how many messages will reach your subconscious mind in an hour.

A neat feature the company offer is a function that allows you to add binaural beats or different sounds to force the messages deep into your brain.

They offer a full no-questions-asked 60 day money-back guarantee. You can try out the subliminal messaging software for a full 60 days risk free. I thought this was a nice touch and from the outset I immediately noticed how smooth the operation was. Many times with other similar products I have had to turn them off because they were interfering with my other programs. Not so with Subliminal Vision Pro Software!

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The subliminal message software created by Mind Zoom offers everything its competitors offer plus a few extra additional features that give you full control over the program.

We also found that it runs more smoothly on your computer than other similar products. It is probably the best of its kind on the market!

mind-zoom-mixerThe pre-written scripts are very good and target specific areas for internal change. The added option of being able to create your own tailor made subliminal messages (which can include your name for example) make this the best product of its kind that we tested.

I would advise you to download it and test it yourself. You have a full 60 days to see results or you can ask for your money-back (one simple email is all it takes).

In our opinion it is best to leave the default settings as they are and not to tamper with the duration settings as these are proven to be the most effective.

Of course if the font colour or size is distracting then changing this will have no negative effects and all the messages will still seep effortlessly into your subconscious mind.

So get ready to turn on your computer, start your subliminal software and change your life!

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