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Subliminal Messages have often been debated in scientific circles. Until recently there was little scientific evidence to support the view that they were even registered by the brain!

However, even before recent studies, such as those conducted at University College in London, people have been getting life-changing results from their use!

Subliminal Messages in Industry

Regardless of what many people say subliminal messages have been used in advertising for decades – and they continue to be used!

However were you aware that extreemly well-established companies employ their use not on the general public in an aim to influence their purchasing choices but as a self improvement tool for their employees?

sales-chartThese companies spend fortunes on employee development so it is not surprising they only use the best quality subliminal messages recordings.

Subliminal Messages have never been packaged in a product that was more state of the art or more effective than the CDs created by Subliminal Audio.

This is the reason they are used by highly successful corporations as well as ordinary individuals!

Subliminal Audio’s corporate client list includes Microsoft, AT&T, the US Army, IBM, FedEx, British Telecom, UPS, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Network Solutions, Sun, Deloitte & Touche, Dow Jones, Merrill Lynch, the Discovery Channel, Time Warner, Nationwide Insurance, Xerox, and many others. So they must be doing something right!

Subliminal Audio


Accessing the Subconscious Mind

Subliminal Messages work by bypassing the more critical conscious mind and sending positive affirmations directly to the subconscious mind.

There are many different ways to gain direct communication with the subconscious via subliminal messages. The most common method is known as the ‘background whisper’. With this method an auditory positive statement is spoken at a low volume, usually masked by music, rain forst sounds, rain or ocean waves. When we listen to these sounds the conscious mind only hears part of the masked message. However, the subconscious mind will compensate and it pieces together the whole message, accepting it as a command.

Other popular techniques include stereo confusion, reverse messages, silent sound.

Most subliminal CD manufacturers choose one of these methods as a delivery of the subliminal messages. However, not all the techniques work for everyone. Depending on many different variables one person will respond better to one method over another while another person will respond differently. Everyone is unique. This is why some subliminal programs produce fast, dramatic change for some people while they don’t work at all for others!

This is why Subliminal Audio decided to combine the most powerful subliminal techniques and blend each onto one recording to ensure the subliminal messages would work for everyone!

Subliminal Audio


What Subliminal Audio Offer

It was the idea of Bradley Thompson to create the 4-Part Encoding System™ in the Subliminal Audio recordings. He wanted to ensure they had the most effective delivery system possible for his subliminal messages. He combined the four most successful & proven techniques for effectively delivering subliminal messages and licensed the technology exclusively to Subliminal-Audio.

Subliminal Audio have embraced this technology to create a range of 40 subliminal CDs!

The four subliminal mechanisms you’ll currently find in every Subliminal-Audio subliminal messages recording are:


  • Binaural Beats
  • Subliminal Messages
  • Reverse Messages
  • Stereo Confusion

    Lets look at these methods a little more closely!

    Subliminal Audio


Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are becoming very popular in the personal development industry simply because they work! They are designed to alter your brainwaves and create changes in mind and body. They work by sending two tones of a slightly different frequency to each ear seperately. The frequency difference between the tones is perceived by the brain as a binaural beat. The binaural beats generated on each Subliminal Audio CD are designed to initially take the mind into a relaxed and receptive state, then regulate brainwave activity between 6.3 Hz and 7.0 Hz frequencies when the subconscious mind is more receptive to suggestions. For the first 20 minutes of each recording, you are given the subliminal messages which are backmasked with the binaural beat backing track.

Subliminal Messages

The low volume of the subliminal messages means the conscious mind cannot properly comprehend what it is hearing. The subconscious mind then compensates and interprets the message itself. It then immediately begins to accept the subliminal messages as commands to be implemented.

Subliminal Audio

Back Masking

The second 20 minutes of each recording utilises reverse messages. These are in essence the original affirmations reversed and played at a low volume. The conscious mind just cannot comprehend these messages. Yet the subconscious mind and your brain, which is the most powerful computer on the planet, can interpret and comprehend the subliminal messages in an instant!

Stereo Confusion

The last 20 minutes of each subliminal audio recording incorporates stereo confusion. This is a process which involves sending one subliminal messages to the left ear and sending completely different subliminal message to the right ear simultaneously. As the conscious cannot identify the two individual messages mind simply switches off and redirects its attention. The information is instead passed onto the subconscious mind, which can easily interprets the dual-band data stream and begins to act upon the suggestions.

This stereo confusion technique has the added avantage of sending double the number of subliminal messages to the brain and the subconscious mind.

Subliminal Audio


Subliminal Audio have really done their home-work when creating these subliminal CDs! The 4-part Encoding System™ means that the subliminal messages are sure to reach the subconscious mind regardless of which subliminal message delivery system works best for you – cause the CDs use them all!

subliminal-confidenceThis combination is extremly powerful. But could it be used to improve your life?

The simple answer is – yes!

There are 40 subliminal CDs to choose from ranging from the common ie., Self Confidence to the strange i.e, Secret Agent!

Browse through their titles I’m sure you will find a subliminal recording to meet your needs. You get free shipping regardless of where you are in the world, a free MP3 download of the title you purchase and a money-back guarantee if you are in any way unhappy with the results!

I would advise listening to the subliminal messages every day or at least every other day for about 30 days to get permanent results. Do that and you will have the change you want. TheseSubliminal Messages work!

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