Subliminal Messages & The CIA The Scary Connection

Back in the middle of the 20th Century subliminal messages exploded into public consciousness with a simple experiment conducted by James Vicary. Vicary prepared a film to be shown to a theatre audience in which was hidden the subliminal messages “hungry! Eat popcorn!” and “Thirsty! Buy coke!”

Vicary claimed that sales of both these products dramatically increased as a consequence of the subliminal stimuli in the movie. Years later Vicary admitted that he fabricated his findings and his entire experiment has been discredited. In addition other scientific investigators have been unable to get any satisfactory results when they duplicated the experiment.

So that’ s that – subliminal messages don’t work! Right?

Well if that is the case why are they still extremely popular today with hundreds of thousands of people using them and attesting to their effectiveness?. And, in a sinister twist, why were the CIA so interested in using subliminal messages and why did they spend money using them?

Back in the 1950s William Dawson and other legislators, In Washington D.C., launched a campaign to get subliminal messages banned from television and radio broadcasts and in advertising. Dawson sternly warned that if subliminal messages were used as a political propaganda tool the results could be frightening as they could be used to serve and maintain a totalitarian government!

Even though there was no real hard evidence to substantiate any of the claims, there was a massive public backlash which would force the Government to ban the use of subliminal messages over the airwaves. At the time, as is still true today, the bulk of scientists had justified reservations about the usefulness of subliminal messages; the majority of folk in the science worlds hold the idea that they are absolutely ineffectual (which has later been disproven after scientific research discovered that subliminal messages do affect the brain).

This is the official reason behind the Unites States, United Kingdom and Australian Governments ban on the use of subliminals in television and radio!

At the very same time that the debate over the effectiveness of subliminal messages was raging and the Governments of three countries were debating about a systematic ban of their use another “Government” group had made a decision to analyze the phenomenon for themselves. Even though scientists were declaring subliminal messages to be a hoax the CIA were spending their financial resources using them!

It should not be a surprise to find out that the CIA were using their power, finances and influence to discover if subliminal technologies might be used for mind control.

Classified documents, released under The Freedom of Information Act, show that the CIA spent a great deal of time and effort into researching the usefulness of subliminal messages for brain-washing and control.

Under intense pressure from investigative correspondents and Congressional Investigators, the CIA were ordered to release a wide selection of documents including some copies of their yearly internal journal called “Studies in Intelligence”. In the 1958 edition you can clearly read about the CIA’s investigations into the use of subliminal messages.

A former operative with the Agency talked to author Martin A. Lee about the CIA’s dedication to research the phenomenon. They were particularly interested to see if they could use subliminal messages to steer the result of a political campaign and make people obey commands!

It is also obvious that marketing companies, with billion dollar budgets, use subliminal messages substantially in their campaigns as can be seen in the video at subliminal messages!

The above examples alone are proof enough that there must be something going on with subliminal messages but there is still more proof of the effectiveness of subliminal cds!

However, for years scientists still stated that subliminal messages are ineffective because they are not even perceived by us. But, recent studies at University College London, conducted by a team, headed by Bahador Bahrami, found that subliminal messages are registered by the brain!

When we look at the CIA involvement with subliminal messages and the advertising world’s obsession with them and the recent studies carried out at University College London, not to mention the many thousands of people who have changed their lives through their use, anyone who claims subliminal messages do not work is merely lacking information on the subject!

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