Subliminal Messages Have Power

The term “subliminal” refers to anything that exists just below your consciousness awareness i.e. at the subconscious level.

It has long been known that in order to create lasting measurable change in yourself it is necessary for you to access the subliminal or subconscious part of your mind. One excellent method of doing this is through the use of subliminal programming. By using subliminal recordings you can bypass the conscious mind and reprogram your inner mind through the use of carefully selected subliminal messages.

Subliminal programming can be used to eliminate many things and create many positive changes such as stopping smoking, reducing your stress level, losing weight, developing charisma, increasing confidence and creating desirable habits among many others!

The subliminal messages that are passed to your subconscious mind really do begin to change your thinking patterns and physical habits. So lets look at exactly how do their work.

Subliminal programs contain positive affirmations (subliminal messages) that are designed to help the listener achieve a change in a specific area they have chosen or to achieve a particular goal they have set. The brain recieves these subliminal messages at a subconscious level. With no interference from the analytical conscious mind the subconscious mind immediately begins the work of making these affirmations a reality in your life.

Subliminal messages accelerate the process of changing your attitudes because they bypass the analytical critical conscious mind and begin to reprogram the subconscious mind much like reprogramming a computer.

When subliminal messages, which are usually embedded in a piece of music or masked with ocean waves, are played, the beliefs that are stored in the subconscious mind are slowly and gently replaced by powerful new positive beliefs. It is an automatic and effortless method of changing yourself from the inside-out.

You should be aware though that the vast majority of your subconscious programming and beliefs have been embedded in your mind over many, many years and these programs will be unlikely to change overnight. In addition you may have several issues that overlap and may require more than one subliminal recording to reprogram.

An example may be self confidence issues. If you feel that you have low self confidence and listen to the appropriate subliminal session for a few weeks you will find that your self confidence increases but your self esteem stays low. In such a case you would need to also ensure the subliminal confidence messages on the recording included self esteem affirmations or you could purchase/make two different subliminal recordings. However, I would advise getting a recording that helps to totally restructure your entire self image. This type of overlapping issue can apply to almost anything in life so real, true, honest introspection is needed to determine what area of your life needs changed before you decide which subliminal recordings and subliminal messages are right for your particular circumstances and needs.

Reprogramming of the subconscious mind takes time and you will usually see permanent results after about twenty-eight days – 28 days isn’t long for a permanent life change! It is my rule of thumb to give all personal development tools at least a month before looking for real tangible results. However, you will usually start to see results within the first week such is the Subliminal Power of this technology!

However, like all good self improvement techniques subliminal reprogramming can lead to initial irritation in some people as the subliminal messages being offered conflict with their established beliefs. In this instance the subconscious mind fights back in a vain attempt to keep the status-quo, it hates change. Remember that your beliefs and attitudes were programmed into your subconscious mind to protect you! If this happens don’t be disheartened it is a sign that your new beliefs are taking hold and that change is happening. Once you have made some changes like this you begin to send the very powerful message to your subconscious mind that YOU are in charge and the discomfort that you initially felt is unlikely to occur again in the future when you begin to make other changes.

Subliminal reprogramming can be achieved through the use of subliminal CDs/tapes, videos/DVDs and it is even possible to purchase software that allows you to create your own custom subliminal recordings.

To those of you who are unsure of the effectiveness of subliminal messages I would ask this. Have you ever heard a piece of music in the morning without paying much attention to it yet had it in your head all day, perhaps even humming or singing it throughout your day? I bet you have!

Have you ever been in a crowd totally unaware of all the conversations that were taking place until someone mentions your name? Are you also aware that you are receiving subliminal messages every day? The vast majority of advertising campaigns are filled with subliminal messages in the form of visual input designed to elicit a specific response from you.

Would it not be better to ensure the subliminal messages reaching your subconscious mind are of your choosing and that they are creating the person, life and circumstances you want? Yes? Then why not give them a try?

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