Subliminal Images

The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words it so true! For this very reason images and photographs are typically used for instructing, illustrating, identifying and providing variation and better information as either a supplement to text and sound or a replacement for them. In addition, pictures are used for content that is critical, tricky to understand, and new to the readers.

This is one of the reasons that business executives use flow charts and self improvement gurus propose the use of “mind-mapping” (where you out your ideas and plans in visual form). Pictures and images are also an affective way to entertainment, enlighten and underline experiential concepts that would be hard to describe in words. For example try to describe the colour red. Which would better represent the nature of this – words or a picture?

Images and pictures are also a very powerful way to convey emotion and also elicit emotion from someone else. Think of the famous Nick Ut picture of little Phan Thi Kim Phuc running naked down the road after a napalm bomb was dropped on her village, in the Vietnam War, simply titled “Napalm Girl”. You may or may not know of the picture but my words will probably elicit some sympathy but when you view the picture you feel much more compassion fro the little girl!

Psychologists, and advertising executives, have long known that we do not make decisions based on logic. We make the vast majority of our decisions based on our emotions.

Images and pictures are very carefully crafted and used to specifically influence the potential buyer by creating strong emotions and then twinning, or achoring, them to the advertiser’s product.

Now subliminal images are just images that are registered below the threshold of conscious awareness – in other words they are registered by the mind they just go unnoticed like the millions of pieces of information that constantly bombard your senses (even right this moment).

These subliminal images are designed to trigger subconscious associations and influence feelings at an unconscious level. They have been used in advertising for decades even though they were banned from television and radio in the UK, USA and Australia (see video at Subliminal Messages)!

The use of subliminal messages in advertisements is widely disputed. However, as can be seen in the above video, there is a mountain of evidence to suggest it still goes on to this day.


Because it is effective!

That’s also why subliminal messages are used in the self improvement industry and why subliminal cds have become so popular!

Subliminal messages, in the form of words and images, have been very cleverly placed in magazine adverts for hard liquors, cigarettes, holiday destinations etc., with heavy influence being placed on sexual content to arouse strong feelings in the potential customer.

Due to the ability of subliminal messages to reach and influence the subconscious mind they have become extremely popular with entertainers such as Derren Brown, the mentalist who uses them extensively, and motivational gurus, such as Anthony Robbins, as well as Olympic Athletes and sports personalities such as Tiger Woods!

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