Subliminal Commands Create Long-Lasting Changes

Subliminal messages are a very powerful and easy way to give commands to your subconscious mind for fast and effective change. They can be used to help you improve any area of your life and have been proven to be very effective over the years.

So, what are subliminal messages?

Well, subliminal messages are, very simply, hidden commands that are designed to influence the subconscious mind. They are either spoken words that are masked, or hidden, behind music or other sounds (like those found in subliminal cds). They can also take the form of symbolic images, or written words, which are cleverly woven into a picture.

Subliminal messages have been used by major companies for decades in an attempt to sway the buying public and make their products appear more attractive and desirable.

Recent television programs, like those starring English “mental illusionist” Derren Brown, use subliminal messages to sway people’s opinions for entertainment purposes. Derren heavily relies on visual subliminal messages as well as using hypnotic conversation with subliminal messages given via his tone of voice and hand gestures.

Subliminal messages work very simply because they bypass our conscious reasoning mind. If someone made a statement to you that seemed to contradict your current reality you would dismiss it completely. However, when this same statement is given to the subconscious mind it has no way of reasoning whether the statement is true or false and just believes it!

Therefore by being able to give commands to the subconscious mind through subliminal messages can be very handy indeed. Why? Because your subconscious mind is responsible for your automatic thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. So, by having visual subliminal messages flash before your eyes at fast enough speed for them to go unnoticed, or having auditory ones hidden in music, you can command your subconscious mind to change your inner thoughts, feelings and behaviours!

Now what effect will this have on your life?

Well you’ll feel a lot better for starters. But more than that you will begin to automatically think, feel and behave in a way that is in correlation to the subliminal messages you have been listening to.

For example, let’s say you want to make more money. You listen to a subliminal MP3 that is designed to make you think, feel and act like a millionaire. Now if you think, feel and act like a millionaire what do you think will be the outcome? The odds are in your favour that you will become a millionaire because you are thinking and acting in the same way that others have who became millionaires. After all it is your actions that determine what you get on life (or don’t get) and it is your thoughts and feelings that are the fuel of your actions!

Would you like to change your life is ways that you can now only imagine – effortlessly? Then tailored made subliminal messages that are flashed across your computer screen while you work or play is the fastest way to do. So check out Subliminal Power.

Many people prefer to make their own subliminal recordings by using the latest subliminal software.

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