Subliminal CDs Reviewed

We Finally Found a Subliminal CD Set That Actually Works!


This review was a long time coming! Why? Because we couldn’t find a pre-made subliminal CD that worked – until now!

The Power of the Subliminal Message

vicary-popcornFor decades a war has been raging between those who believe subliminal messages work and those who do not. This war has not just been confined to ordinary people but has included high-ranking politicians, doctors and a great many scientists!

The arguments for, and against, the effectiveness of subliminal messages almost always include reference to a dubious experiment conducted by James Vicary in 1957.

In his famous subliminal messages experiment James Vicary flashed subliminal messages, to an unaware movie audience, stating, “Hungry? Eat popcorn” and “Thirsty? Drink coke”. He claimed sales of popcorn and coke rose significantly as a result of using subliminal messages.

However, no-one else could get the same results when they replicated Vicary’s experiment and years later he admitted that he had falsified his findings.

As far as the disbelievers were concerned this was concrete evidence that subliminal messages have no effect on us at all.

science-subliminalHowever, recent research shows that this viewpoint is not true; modern research techniques and scientific studies have shown that subliminal messages do reach the brain and the messages given do have an effect on our behaviour!

There is mounting scientific evidence which shows that subliminal messages impact the brain and affect behaviour.

Studies like those conducted at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience University College London, by scientist Bahador Bahrami, show just how effective subliminal messages are.

In fact research at Duke University and the University of Waterloo showed the power of subliminal messages and lead to the publishing of a controversial report that stated “subliminal advertising is more effective than regular advertising”!

Charged Audio Subliminal Cds


The Problem with Pre-Made Subliminal CDs

So why, if subliminal messages are so effective, did researchers have problems getting positive results (until now) when they tried to copy Vicary’s experiment and why did Vicary have to lie about the results he got?

Basically, until very recently scientists could not get positive results from using subliminal messages for the same reasons we couldn’t – they weren’t using them correctly!

Subliminal CDs That Work


Award Winning Subliminal Recordings

confidence-subliminalAlthough, for a long time, we have recommended custom subliminal products it is only recently that we were able to find pre-made subliminals that consistently produced results!

You see regular subliminal CDs do not put the brain into the correct receptive state to receive the subliminal commands – simply put, they don’t work!

Now though, after a great deal of testing we are delighted to say we found subliminal CDs that produce results and it’s all due to the way they are made!

These subliminal products use cutting-edge technologies such as Matrix Dimensional Binaural Beats, Wave Response Technology, Dual Subliminal Scripting, NLP and Reverse Messaging to drive positive commands deep into your subconscious mind.

The result is fast, permanent changes in your thoughts, feelings, actions and results!

Subliminal Cds That Work


The Subliminal Difference

The latest research into subliminal messages shows clearly that the brain must be in a specific state in order to be impacted by the messages.

subliminal-brainwavesIf the brain is not in the correct state the subliminal commands will have no effect whatsoever.

The latest technology, used in the Charged Audio subliminal CDs, is designed to get your brain in the correct state – fast!

Using state-of-the-art recording methods Charged Audio ensure that every subliminal CD creates the exact brainwave states necessary to allow their subliminal messages to effortlessly seep into the subconscious mind. These subliminal commands then take root at a very deep level of mind to change your behaviours, thoughts and feelings so that you start to get the results you want.

In as little as 14 days you can see massive improvements in the area of your life that you have chosen to work on with these subliminal CDs.

Subliminal Cds That Work


How They Work

Exposure to the Charged Audio™ Subliminal Technology has an effect that is not possible with any other pre-made subliminal recording.

Every one of the Charged Audio™ Subliminal CDs contains exclusive cutting-edge technologies that have been designed and recorded to create the, scientifically proven, optimal brain state that is necessary for subliminal messages to have the desired impact.

The following technologies are used in each recording:

  • Wave Response Technology

This is used to induce a state of physical relaxation and correct breathing patterns to create the optimal physical state for subliminal programming.

  • Matrix Dimensional Binaural Beats

New improved recording techniques create super-charged binaural beats that create desired brainwave states much faster than ordinary binaural recordings.

  • Dual Subliminal Scripting

Taking advantage of the brain synchronization, created by the Matrix Dimensional Binaural Beats, Dual Scripting then intices responses from both hemispheres of the brain for greater and faster results.

  • NLP Optimized Messages

Fully tested affirmations based on the latest breakthroughs in Neuro-linguistic Programming are embedded subliminally into each recording.

  • Reverse Messaging

Reverse messaging, also known as back-masking, has been shown to circumvent the critical senses of the conscious mind to impact the subconscious mind immediately.


Subliminal Cds That Work


Subliminal Reviews

What’s in it For You?

We achieved spectacular results from using these subliminal CDs. We tested a range of titles from “Fast, Permanent & Easy Weight Loss” to ” Overcoming Shyness”.

subliminal-heightThere was only one reviewer, from a group of 4 testing the “Overcome Fear of Heights” subliminal CD, whom did not achieve total success. Although his dizziness and stomach-churning were greatly reduced after listening to the CD he was not totally cured.

“3 out of 4 isn’t bad”, we thought, until, that is, our reviewer discovered he had vertigo. His vertigo it seems was a symptom of Meniere’s disease and therefore he actually had a medical condition which required treatment. The fact that the subliminal made any improvement in him at all is nothing short of amazing!

For the other reviewers who “merely” suffered from acrophobia (a fear of heights) there was a 100% success rate!

Subliminal Cds That Work



We could tell you that these are the best results-producing subliminal CD products available but that is not entirely true; they are the only results-producing subliminal CD products!

If you waste your time with inferior products you will get inferior results – if you get any results at all! The only other effective pre-recorded subliminal products, that we found, use hypnosis as well –subliminal hypnosis.

Although subliminal hypnosis products are very effective they require you to stop what you are doing and relax into a trance state – Charged Audios, however, are purely subliminal in nature and can therefore be used while doing other things.

The only problem we have with Charged Audio is the use of binaural beats. This technology is a double-edged sword as far as subliminal products are concerned because in order for it to be effective you must listen to the recording through stereo headphones.

So although you can listen to the Charged Audio subliminal messaging products while you perform other activities you are limited to listening to them only when you can use headphones or earphones.

In addition binaural beats should not be listened to when you have to perform an activity that requires a high degree of attention such as driving or operating machinery!

However, the use of the Charged Audio unique binaural beats technology is one of the reasons these products work so well! Having to use headphones (and not listening while driving) is also a small price to pay for the tremendous results you get from using these subliminal recordings. In as little as 14 days you can start to see massive improvements simply from listening to your chosen tracks.

To use the recordings you will need to dedicate at least 30 minutes every day, although we found that 1 hour is much more beneficial and produces much quicker results. Of course you can listen to them as long as you like.

The beauty of subliminal programming is that you can make as many changes as you want providing you have the time to listen to a variety of recordings. Using a combination of these subliminal CDs you can literally transform your entire life in a few short months!

With a money-back guarantee that lasts a whopping year you can clearly see how confident the manufacturers of Charged Audio are in their product.

The CDs are very reasonably priced (if not under-priced) and you also have the option of an alternative MP3 download.

Bear in mind that if you chose the MP3 download option you will get a significant price reduction but no money-back guarantee. However, whichever option you chose we are certain you will not need to make good on the guarantee anyway because the changes you experience will be so profound and fast you not want a refund but will likely will want more!

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