Subliminal Advertising

There has been a hot debate raging for decades about the effectiveness of subliminal messages. Many scientists claim that subliminal messages are not even registered by the brain. If these messages are not registered by the brain, they argue, then how could they have any effect on us?

Although this sceptical view of subliminal messages was long-held by the scientific community recent research at University London is proving that theory VERY wrong! Bahador Bahrami and his team have discovered that subliminal messages are, in fact registered by the brain.

So if the scientists who tried to debunk subliminal messages were wrong about that, what else were they wrong about?

I believe one of the most convincing pieces of evidence for the effectiveness of subliminal messages lies in the advertising and marketing worlds! Many people associate the idea of subliminal messages with advertising because there is a lot of evidence to suggest that it is being used.

The idea is that an advertiser uses subliminal messages in the commercials to sway the buying behaviours of potential consumers. These messages are either hidden images or words cleverly disguised in pictures which usually go unnoticed by the conscious mind but are registered by the subconscious. In television these subliminal messages are said to appear so briefly that the consumer barely notices them and even if something is noticed it just looks like a glitch in the film. However, when these messages are registered by the brain and stored there the consumer’s thoughts and actions are influenced and a desire is created for the product (see subliminal messages video!).

Everyone knows that huge companies and corporations spent billions of dollars every year on their advertising budgets. Do you really think they would waste their money on an advertising ploy that did not work? I don’t think so!

Many people are mistaken about subliminal messages and believe them to be auditory only. However, this is not the case. Rarely in advertising do they use auditory subliminal messages and instead elect to use subliminal images in either word form or through symbolism.

In self improvement subliminal messages are extremely popular – which is another indication that they are effective. Although many subliminal CDs, hypnosis CDs, MP3s and videos make use of spoken subliminal messages to reinforce their post hypnotic suggestions very few take advantage of subliminal images. If we have learned anything from the advertising industry it is that subliminal messages are extremely potent when presented in visual form!

Although spoken subliminal messages are highly effective it stands to reason that you should also consider the effects of visual subliminals. Many hundreds of people attest to the power of making their own subliminal images! This is very easy to do.

Get a flash light and place it beside you bed – one that has a button to switch it on and off. Hang a picture of your goal, or a desire you have, on the wall facing your bed. Set your alarm to wake you up in the middle of the night. When the alarm sounds aim the flashlight at your picture and turn it on and off several times in quick succession. Do not let the light linger on the image. Literally hit the button of the flashlight twice quickly and so this several times.

Allow yourself to go back to sleep.

If you perform these simple actions over a 30 day period you will normally find that you get your desire.

Now, obviously waking up in the middle of the night, for 30 nights on a row, can disrupt your sleep pattern however this is a very effective and cost-cutting way to use subliminal messages.

Would you like to re-program your subconscious to bring you your desires with no effort on your part – while you work? Then read the review of Subliminal Power and see how you can make your own subliminal messages on your computer!

Perhaps you would prefer to make your own audio subliminal messages in unique and original recordings through the use of subliminal software.

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