The Price of Stress

stressedStress is a the plague of the 21st Century. Stress not only causes a great deal of discomfort, physical pain and mental anguish but it also leads to broken marriages, ruins friendships and ultimately kills!

In our modern lifestyles of heavy competition, pressure to produce instant results and needing everything to be faster and more easily available we have succumbed to stress
in a way that has never been seen before in previous centuries.

21st Century Stress Relief

Being a 21st Century affliction it seems only right that we should have a 21st Century solution to this killer we call stress. So how do we effectively fight the battle against stress?

Well the great news is we have a way!

It is called the Sedona Method and it can, literally, eliminate any form of stress in anything from from an instant to a few minutes!

This stress relief method is revolutionary and was created so that you can easily remove negative thoughts and emotions on the spot. According to many different testimonials it has even been used to heal many forms of illness – especially stress induced physical and mental problems!

Stress Relief

The Sedona Method

At the heart of The Sedona Method lies a technique that is so simple they have even successfully taught it to four year-old children. In the course you are guided to release the emotions behind behind your negative thinking and stress with a technique that takes an instant to perform. Not only does this reduce and eliminate stress but a sustained use of the technique leads to the removing of your subconscious blocks to success, peace and joy.

By removing your emotional reactive thinking tendencies you are free to think clearer without stress or worry. This has a major impact on your interpersonal relationships, health, outlokk and overall happiness. However, by removing your own internal blocks, using the technique can have an amazing affect on all areas of your life not just stress reduction.

LesterLevenson_SedonaMethodStress Relief has never been easier. The Sedona Method is a highly effective tool for “letting go” of your negative emotions and thoughts, literally, in an instant. It comes as a CD course presented by Hale Dwoskin, a one time friend and student of, the late, Lester Levenson who created the technique.




hale-dwoskinLevenson and Dwoskin have both claimed that The Sedona Method is an essential tool for eliminating stress and can even be used as an effective method of goal-achievement. By eliminating all the negative thinking and stress assosiated with your goal you are more free to pursue and achieve your objective. This sounds like an excellent way to get clear on your goals.

Being an avid goal setter myself I know that the beiggest obstacle to achieving my objectives is my own internal dialogue and disbelief which, in turn, lead to more frustration and stress. Once I truly believe I can accomplish something I tend to achieve it with much less effort than if I am also battling with my own inner ‘demons’! The added advantage of being stress

free while doing it is priceless.

Method Eliminates Stress Completely

stress-reductionHowever good the technique is for achieving goals it must be said that it is especially effective when it is applied to eliminating stress and the emotions connected to negative life experiences either from the past or in the present.

The removal of all those negative feelings, aggravations, annoyances and fears that are carried around internally everyday and lead to increased levels of stress is priceless and the benefits from the fact that it can be done in just moments are immeasurable.

You even learn to identify and then remove those blocks and negative emotions/thoughts that you have mentally buried are totally unaware of right now.

This technique is so effective because of the nature and origin of stress. Stress is not caused by situations in your life but by how you perceieve those situations and react to them. It is your own thinking processes that create the stress. So, how does this tie-in with The Sedona Method?

Sedona Method

How The Method Works

The Sedona method works on the assumption that all your thoughts have their root in emotional responses. At first you may disagree with this assessment but you will notice from the very first session that this is indeed the case.

You are therefore directed to locate the feeling and ‘release’ it. As I have already outlined, and you probably already knew, stress is caused by our thinking but we all know how difficult it can be to control our own thoughts. The mind seems to have a life of its own many times and wanders here and there having thousands of thoughts a second. It is almost impossible to regulate your thoughts through pure will-power. Therefore if you wish to remove the negative thoughts all you need to do is release the negative emotions behind it! Simple!

Once you get to the core of the technique you will have the all skills you need to release any and every emotion instantly. This is extremely powerful and effective for releasing the negative emotions and thoughts behind any kind of stress you are feeling in the moment.

However, when you are guided to use the technique on childhood issues, previous emotional upsets and even negative beliefs you received from your parents and peers you will find that stress
becomes a thing of the past for you.

Stress_ReliefI experienced more personal growth in six months using the Sedona Method than I had in 10 years of using psychology, hypnosis, visualisation, subliminal messages and affirmations! It is an extremely rare occurrence for me to feel stress regardless of what situation I am experiencing. This was a profound life changing experience for me and my quality of life has improved in immeasurable ways due to it.

Sedona Method

The Sedona Method is Simple

The Sedona Method is truly a powerful yet simple technique for eliminating stress permanently!

When I first purchased the Sedona Method I was extremely sceptical. It promised instant stress relief and had a very sleek marketing look. I had that thought that everyone gets now and then – “It all sounds great and has worked for lots of people but it’ll never work for me!” However, to my amazement and delight, it did release stress as if by magic. Within minutes of listening to the first session I was ‘letting-go’ of negative feelings, stress and negative thoughts. An added advantage, and one that has been experienced by everyone I know that took the course, I experienced the most amazing sensations in my stomach and body. I found that using it I could easily and instantly release anger, sorrow, frustration, fear, apathy, lust, pride and a multitude of negative emotions within a matter of seconds. Basically, if you can feel it or think it then you can release it with The Sedona Method.

Basically this technique can be used to resolve any outstanding emotional or mental issue and clear away blocks to obtaining your goals. As far as emotional issues are concerned it is the most powerful personal development tool I have ever used!

Stress Relief


Stress Relief has never been easier. At last there is a product that actually delivers on its promises. If you are experiencing any kind of stress in your life or just want to feel more at peace within then this is the product for you!

Not only will you learn to release stress but this technique will help you go deeper into ‘releasing’ to remove enough of your unwanted limitations to achieve any goal you set yourself.

Ok this product is truly brilliant but what are the drawbacks. Well price is one! You could buy a cheap hypnosis tape for under $30 and feel relaxed and stress free while in trance or you could learn to meditate and spend no money at all. However, you will only get the massive permanent benefits of a stress-free life from this technique. It is truly awesome.

This product works! Check out the free DVD and CD by following the link below. If you decide to purchase you will have the advantage of a money-back guarantee (which you won’t need!)

Stress Relief