Stress Relief The Healthy Way

The scenario’s familiar – maybe it’s a new job, a new partner, or a speech you’ve got to give. You are overcome with feelings of nervousness, excitement and inadequacy as well.

As a result, you’re under a collosal amount of stress. The thought of the term: “stress relief” makes you think “You must be kidding!” It’s as if you’re on a relentless treadmill which just refuses to stop!

But, here’s a logical, AND effective method of stress relief, that really does work. Perhaps an actual treadmill will help you! Exercise can be the key to real stress relief.

Using Exercise For Stress Relief:

Here are some important points about exercise and stress relief:

1) It’s an obvious antidote to fatigue.

2) It can make you have more energy, improving your endurance and resiliency.

3) It has been shown that people who are more physically fit usually experience fewer health difficulties.

4) In addition, exercisers are less likely to experience psychological problems such as depression, binge eating, or difficulty in sleeping.

Without exercise, it is much more likely that you will suffer from colds, flu, sore throats and other medical problems.

Aerobic exercise in particular can boost your cardiovascular system and be a great source of stress relief. Some studies have shown that, during aerobic exercise, a chemical is released in the brain which assists in healing the body from stress-related conditions.

It is recommended that you should exercise at least three days a week for about 30 minutes at a time in order to improve not only your physical health but also your mental outlook.

Generally, exercise should make you feel less anxious. Your muscles become less tense and you will be less shaky after a solid exercise session. It has also been shown that exercise results in an hour and a half to two hours of so called “relaxation response”, where your body responds in a more relaxed state.

This is also referred to as the endorphin response. As a result, your mood can improve, and you will be able to deal more effectively with stress.

If you’re finding it hard to get motivated to exercise, there are a number of things you can do. To start with, you can join an gym. Knowing that you’ll have to pay dues to a club may mean you’re more likely to actually end up exercising.

Stress Relief Can Be Assisted By A Personal Trainer.

You might also consider enlisting the assistance of a personal trainer. A trainer can give you powerful motivation, and accountability, pushing you to complete exercises you never previously thought would be possible.

Another idea is to join an exercise class. There, you’ll most likely meet lots of other people in a similar position to yourself. The camaraderie that can develop between exercisers can have a great stress relief effect in itself!

Boost Your Self Image – Boost Your Stress Relief!

Exercise can also improve your self-image. You’ll experience increased self-worth, which will results in reducing your stress levels even further. A confident person is someone who knows how to deal with stress without becoming flustered or panicky.

You may also end up eating better as a result of exercise. Your improved menu may also prove to be an effective stress relief. For instance, if you give up caffeinated drinks, you’ll almost certainly find you become less highly strung.

In addition to your times in the gym, you can benefit from seeking additional opportunities for exercise. This might mean running up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking to your workplace instead of going in the car, or playing football in the park with your children.

The point is to get moving and keep active at every opportunity available.

Exercise increases the flow of blood to the mind, giving the brain more sugars and oxygen which are particularly important if you are trying to concentrate. Exercise can also clear out waste toxic products from your brain which can result in unclear thinking.

Usually, you will also feel an increased sense of well-being as a result of a good exercise program. As has been shown here, exercise can be beneficial to both the body and the mind,so it can relax you when other techniques are found wanting. By engaging in exercise, you free up your mind, so you can concentrate better and work much more effectively and efficiently.

Chances are you’ll not only feel much better, but you’ll also look a lot better as well. With your brain under control, you should experience less stress.

Now of course, exercise takes time and some discipline, but it is certainly well worth the effort. The great feelings you get from a powerful exercise session can actually last for days. You may find yourself actually looking forward to working out because of the excellent benefits it brings for you.

Author: Rene Francis.

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