Stop-Smoking Hypnotherapy

Have you tried many different approaches to stop smoking but been unable to break free from the carvings and habits of this insidious addiction? If you have tried to quit many times and failed then you are certainly not alone.

Almost everyone who smokes wants to kick the habit. It is expensive, smelly and extremely bad for your health.

In fact the smoking habit can be life threatening! So why are so many people still engaging in this destructive habit and is there an effective way to stop?

Smoking is one of the most socially acceptable damaging addictions you can have. Apart from the sheer cost of the habit it has many other drawbacks not least of which is the health problems that are associated with it.

I have heard it said many times that it is easier to give-up a cocaine addiction that it is to stop smoking. Although this may sound like an incredible claim it does have a solid foundation.

Think about it for a moment. In order to get your hands on a hard “A” class drug you need to go to a dealer and buy it. You also need the necessary vast sums of money to pay for it.

However, you rarely have to travel more than five minutes to get a pack of cigarettes and although they are expensive in the long run 1 pack is within everyone’s price range!

The fact that having a smoke is also associated with many different things through the day makes it hard to quit; you have a cup of coffee and are used to having a smoke, you eat and want a smoke etc.

These habits are engrained into the mind and this makes smoking not only a physical addiction but a very strong habituated behaviour.

I have also heard it said that the actual addiction to nicotine can be eliminated in as little as three days.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if you have stopped smoking for a week or more before and returned to the habit it was not the addiction itself that guided your actions but the habit of smoking; you missed your cigarettes at specific times and the temptation to return to your habitual behaviour was too great to resist.

This means that smoking is very much a mental problem – much more than a physical one! In order to stop smoking you therefore need a way to break the habit of smoking and you must therefore do this at a mental level rather than a physical one.

This is the reason for the success of hypnosis at treating the smoking habit and eliminating it permanently.

Because hypnosis works at the mental level, and reprograms your behaviours at an automatic level, it is easy to quit smoking through this powerful technique.

By accessing the subconscious part of your mind you can retrain yourself with new behaviours. Instead of wanting a cigarette at specific times you can reprogram your mind to hate the smell of smoke. In fact you can even replace the smoking habit with another positive habit such as exercise.

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