Stage Hypnosis versus Hypnotherapy!

We have all seen a hypnotic stage show where a skilled hypnotist puts willing volunteers into a trance state and then warps their view of reality. He makes them cluck like chickens or behave like rock stars. Although this kind of hypnosis is highly entertaining it is not useful for personal development purposes. In order to use the trance state to change your life you need to experience the state of self hypnosis.

So what is the difference between stage hypnosis and self hypnosis and what does that mean to you?

You probably already know what stage hypnosis is. It is merely a form of entertainment where a hypnotist uses exercises to identify easily hypnotisable subjects in his audience. He then takes volunteers from those people and hypnotises them to belief certain strange things about themselves and reality for the entertainment of the other members of the audience.

This form of hypnosis is very popular and entertaining. However, it has little practical effect on the lives of the subjects and as soon as the hypnotic show is over any hypnotic suggestions given are cancelled.

In addition only 5% of the population are capable of going into this type of deep trance. That means only 5% of the population make good stage hypnotic subjects.

Self hypnosis, however, is much more geared to self improvement applications. Everyone can enter a self hypnotic trance state and gain benefit from it!

Self hypnosis is a process for gaining access to the powerful subconscious part of your mind where your beliefs and automatic behavioural traits are stored.

By accessing the subconscious mind and altering the beliefs that you hold there it is possible to change how you act and react in life. When you change your beliefs at a subconscious level then you also change your automatic behaviours. Why is this so important?

Well I’m sure you understand that how you behave, or act, determines what you get in life. For example how you behave towards another person determines how they react to you and the actions you take in life determine the results you get from life. Because your behaviours, actions and reactions are governed by your automatic subconscious beliefs, feelings and thoughts, changing those beliefs, feelings and thoughts will change your behaviours, actions and reactions – thus changing your results!

This is why self hypnosis is such a powerful tool and vehicle for change.

Through the use of self hypnosis you can change any area of your life by changing how you view that are of your life and by changing how you see yourself.

If you believe it is possible for you to become rich and also believe you can do it and deserve it then you are much more likely to achieve this goal than you would if you didn’t believe those things; your automatic actions would help you move towards that goal instead of further away from it!

For this reason self hypnosis is one of the most powerful methods you have access to for changing your whole life!

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