Would You Like to Grow Spiritually & Have a Deeper Connection to Life?

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As technology surges forward into the 21st Century and our advancements exceed our expectations a great many people feel spiritually barren and empty inside. As we progress as a species becoming ever more innovative, productive and forward-thinking in science, medicine and technology many people are left feeling empty and disconnected.

spiritualityUntil recently spirituality had been left as a side-note in the annals of modern history. However, there is now a resurgence of interest in the spiritual and an awakening within the human race that tells us perhaps our spiritual side is the only real constant in existence – a view point that is now being backed by modern science!

What is spiritual growth?

Spiritual growth means different things to different people. After all we do not all have the same spiritual beliefs nor do we hold the same spiritual concepts about God, the universe, the world or even life!

However, there is a common thread amongst all beliefs concerning spirituality; a connection with God and the world in which we live. This spiritual connection, regardless of how you personally describe it, amounts to a connection with all creation.

It is the foundation of many esoteric teachings and a great majority of religions that each and every human being is connected to the source of all life and all existence.

In our modern age we have forgotten this connection and thus feel isolated and alone. The view that the world is “out there” and separate from us, that God is a separate being that we must not displease, has left us feeling disconnected from the rest of creation and the Ultimate Creationist.

This separatist view of creation has caused the desire for accumulation of power and material possessions – almost always the cause of wars.

When we realise that the creation and the power that created it are one and the same and that all creation is connected then we have no need to strive for possessions or power because we realise that there is but one consciousness in existence and it pervades through us all; we understand at our core that we are all “One” and become “Awakened” or “Enlightened”!

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The Science of Spirituality

Quantum physics is no telling us that creation and the creator are oine and the same thing. Although conventional physics has always known that everything in existence is merely one field of energy vibrating a different levels in small pockets quantum physics has started to prove that consciousness is the driving force of this energy!

spiritual-physicsSimply put this means nothing in existence can exist without consciousness because consciousness creates existence. This means your consciousness is the driving force behind physical reality; your thoughts create your reality!

Quantum physics is also showing us that all of creation is connected. There is nothing in existence that is not connected to everything else!

If quantum physics is correct in its assumptions then it is reinforcing thousands of ancient esoteric texts and confirming the beliefs of almost every religion.

Religious & Esoteric Spirituality

When the Lord Buddha descended from the mountain after he achieved “enlightenment” a man throw himself at his feet and proclaimed him a god. Buddha’s reply was simply but a profound of spiritual teaching. He said “I am not a god nor am I a demi-god. I am merely awake! ”

buddhaBuddha was describing how he had come to understand that all of life is like a dream and the only real thing in existence was his consciousness. He understood that the consciousness that pervaded through him was the same life-force that pervades all existence and everyone in it; he had awakened to his true nature.

In the Bible 1 Corinthians 3:16 tells us that God is One with man when it states “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”

A great many esoteric teachings also tell us that spiritual growth is really just an unfolding of the truth. It occurs when we come to experientially understand that we are not spate from the rest of creation but are, in fact, all of creation at the core of our being.

The belief that creation does not exist separate from us but is a part of us is at the core of spiritual growth; it gives us a deep feeling of connection with everything and everyone and fills us with a feeling of peace and love for all of creation.

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Accelerating Spiritual Growth

So, is it possible to accelerate spiritual growth by gaining an experiential understanding of the connectedness of existence?

Well it is possible when we realise what stops us from seeing this connection in the first place and have a tool for removing it!

It is our negative emotions that stop us from seeing the truth of creation. Think about it for a moment. When you get angry with someone you do not feel “at one” with them, you feel separate. It is them and you and they have done something to you to make you angry or upset! You have “bought into” the illusion of separation.

Similarly, when you lust after something you are making an affirmation to yourself and the rest of creation that you are separate from that thing? Only by being separate from something can you desire it, for if you were already one with it then you would feel no desire for it because you would not feel that you lack it!

Desire makes us feel miserable because when we think and feel that we lack something we are denying our true spiritual nature. These feelings of lack merely act to fuel our belief in the illusion of separation.

Moreover, because consciousness is the driving force of creation, which takes form through your thoughts and creates reality from them, you are actually creating or maintaining that lack.

Spiritual masters who can materialize physical objects from “seemingly” nowhere claim they can do this because they feel no separation between themselves and the object and the mere thought of it brings it to them instantly!

In the same way removing your feelings of separation allow you to attract things, people and situations to yourself. The truth is simple; materiality and spirituality are One!

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The Sedona Method

The Sedona Method is a technique that was created by American Master Lester Levenson. It is designed to remove your negative emotions within seconds and it works like nothing you have ever tried before!

lesterThe concept is simple. Our emotions mask our view of how the world really is. We view existence through the filters of our emotions. If you give this a little thought you will understand and agree with this view.

Our emotions drive our thoughts and our actions. It is your emotions that taint your perspectives. When you view reality as being separate from you not only do you sever your spiritual connection to creation and the Creator but you also separate yourself from the good things in life.

Spirituality is also materiality in a very real sense. True spirituality denies you nothing and gives you everything including material things because the material and the spiritual are one!

However, through following a true spiritual path you lose your need for material things and when you get them they just become toys to play with or curiosities to enjoy in the moment. Your true joy, happiness, contentment and peace come from your deep understanding of your connection to all things – getting those things is just a pleasant by-product of this.

Lester started his own spiritual journey when he was 42. When his doctors sent home to his apartment to die, after his second major heart-attack, Lester began a three month spiritual journey that was to lead him to his own awakening.

After only a three month period he had completely healed his body, much to the amazement of his doctors, and had uncovered his own connection to everything that exists.

He spent his remaining years teaching people how to attain the same imperturbable peace, joy and inner power that he had discovered.

A note to bear in mind was that after teaching many groups how to attain a high level of spirituality Lester realised that most people believed that material comfort and having material things was in some way in opposition to spirituality.

He therefore used his new understanding of creation, and the spiritual powers for manifestation it bestows, to make himself a multi-millionaire in a mere 6 months!

Therefore The Sedona Method, which is Lester’s legacy, does not just show you how to accelerate your spiritual growth it also shows you how to use it to create a more comfortable life.

Sedona Method


How The Sedona Method Accelerates Spiritual Growth

The Sedona Method has a truly unique way for accelerating your spiritual growth. It uses a simple, but highly effective technique, for removing the negative emotions and thoughts that keep you feeling separated from the rest of creation.

haleBy eliminating your subconscious negative programs that block you from experiencing your true spiritual nature you get amazing break-throughs in your life.

Not only do you feel more connected to everything in existence but your life dramatically improves in the process. We are not just talking about emotional areas of your life, although your relationships are one of the first things to improve. Every area of life benefits from increasing your spiritual perspective through the use of The Sedona Method.

It is taught at live seminars and also on CD format by the CEO of Sedona Training Associates Hale Dwoskin.

The Sedona Method



The Sedona Method is by far the easiest and most effective way to accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.

By removing your internal subconscious blocks, that blind you from seeing your true spiritual nature, not only will you experience more peace and joy in your life but you will also naturally reconnect to others and all of creation.

The added advantage of seeing real tangible improvements in all areas of your life, from your finances to your relationships, makes this a powerful course for self change that everyone should own and use.

We highly recommend this course. It will change your life in ways you can now only imagine.

This course comes with a full 6 month money-back guarantee!

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