Speaking Confidence!

You may not realise the importance that words have on our lives. To understand how the use of language guides your life you must first develop a deeper understanding of how your brain functions and what effect this functioning has on your reality.

We live our lives depending on the emotions and thoughts that we feel. When we have a collection of thoughts that form into beliefs we usually internalise those beliefs and make them the truth for us.

These beliefs taint or life by guiding our actions. We all know that the results you get in life and merely the after effects of the actions you have taken. Therefore we can see that the actions that you have taken, and thus the results that you have received, are directly due to the beliefs you hold.

If you have been involved in personal development or self improvement for some time then you will be aware of the teaching that to change your life you need to change your beliefs. This is an axiom of self improvement!

To better change your beliefs it is a good idea to understand how you form them in the first place.

The vast majority of your beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, were formed when you were a child. Although some of these beliefs change and alter throughout life most of them remain with you until death – unless you make a concerted effort to change them.

Now although most of your beliefs came from your parents and peers they were not just handed to you like some new clothes. You fist had to accept that the beliefs you were being taught were true. For the vast majority of those beliefs you did just that.

Sometimes you may have rebelled or seen evidence in the outer world that contradicted a belief you were being taught, either directly or indirectly through the actions of the adults around you. Other times there seemed to be no evidence yet you accepted the word of those “teaching” you and internalised the belief.

Sometimes you refused to accept the belief and formed your own!

Whatever the circumstances behind the formation of your beliefs they were formed through repetition and repeated thought! When you think thoughts that are similar and keep thinking these thoughts they group together to form a belief.

A large part of this process is based on the words you use. Have you ever heard the old saying, “When you tell yourself something often enough you start to belief it”?

This is true!

The language you use has a direct influence on your mind and beliefs. As you have seen your beliefs then have a direct influence on your behaviour and actions and your actions determine your results.

When you berate yourself and call yourself stupid you are forming a belief about who you are and what you are capable of. When you complain about how bad things are you formulate the belief that your life is bad.

However, by changing the language you use you can start to change how you think and thus slowly begin to change the beliefs that you have internalised. Telling yourself that you face a challenge and not an obstacle, for example, allows for a solution to be found.

Asking yourself the relevant questions can also help; “how can I best deal with this situation?” is a question that forces your mind to look for solutions. “Why does this always happen to me?” forces your mind to give you a list of reasons to back up the belief that you are unlikely!

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