Self Sabotage!

We are all born with an abundance of joy, confidence and high self-esteem. We begin life with an innate belief that we can achieve anything. Usually this belief stays with us until we have learned to talk and walk. Then the negative influences start to kick in and we are robbed of our own self-worth and belief that the impossible is possible for us. It’s time to get that back!

Even when we reach adulthood very often are dreams become so dashed and failure so common that we deviate from our true desired path. Suddenly we realise that life is now how we envisioned it would be and that somewhere at some time we lost track of our desires and dreams.

Unfortunately we are never taught how to achieve the life we want basically because the people teaching us, whether through lessons or life experience, are not living the life we want. It is a little like the blind leading the blind!

When we are in an internal place of wanting something yet not believing that we can get it we often experience frustration, anger and a myriad of other “controlling” emotions. When this happens we get into a state of lust; wanting something yet not really believing that we can have it!

When we are in this highly charged emotional state, which is often unconscious in nature and not really noticed, we sabotage our own efforts to achieve what we want.

Perhaps you have been involved in a self improvement strategy or a personal development plan that has not been going to plan. Well when we finally get a “road-map” to success and start along the journey towards our goals very often we come up against our own self-imposed obstacles.

When you try to reach for a goal all your thoughts, feelings and actions wither support your efforts or sabotage them. If you have ever tried to reach an objective and failed then the chances are strong that you have sabotaged your own efforts whether that be through creating obstacles or just by giving-up too soon; you sabotaged yourself!

The only way to remove self-sabotage from your life is to eliminate it at its root! To do this you must weed out the negative mental programs that reside in your subconscious mind.

It is said that we have 50,000 thoughts a day. How this number was actually arrived at I have no idea but that is really of little importance because it only refers to your conscious thoughts – these thoughts that you are actually aware of.

The truth is that you have hundreds of thousands of thoughts, if not millions, constantly running in your subconscious mind. You unconsciously group these thoughts and feelings together to form subconscious beliefs.

If these beliefs are positive and life-affirming (which many are), then they support you in life. However, the vast majority of these subconscious beliefs are extremely negative in nature and act to thwart your conscious efforts.

These subconsciuous programs act like viruses in a computer that mess with your internal operating system. They can even have an effect on your health as they take up subconscious processing power intended to be used to regulate the health of your body.

Once you identify and remove these subconscious blocks to success you will be surprised at the ease with which you can reach your goals and attain your desires.

Would you like to remove all your subconscious blocks to success and finally start reaching your goals and building the life that you really want to live? Then you will want to visit The Release Technique to find out how!

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