Self Made Subliminal Messages

They cause controversy every time they are mentioned. Politicians have sworn they never use them. Top marketing and advertising corporations deny they even exist. Scientists have tried to disprove they can affect us and politicians have banned them from television and radio (although they still seem to slip through the legal net).

What are they?

Subliminal messages!

Yes, they do exist. Yes they can change your thinking. Yes they can make you want to buy a product you don’t need. Yes they are all around you and influencing you every single day.

However, they can also be used to positively and dramatically change your life and I am about to show you how you can use them for free!

Before I tell you how you can easily change your life through the power of subliminal messages (using free resources) let me explain a little about subliminals.

The word subliminal literally means blow the threshold of conscious awareness. Anything that is presented to you below your conscious awareness meaning you cannot perceive that thing and do not even know it is there.

Therefore subliminal messages, subliminal stimuli or a subliminal command is anything that reaches your brain without you being consciously aware that you were subjected to anything!

I will go into whether subliminal messages actually reach the brain or not in this article as it is clearly shown how modern research has proven that this does indeed happen in other articles on this site and in this subliminal articles category.

Subliminal messages and subliminal images affect your behaviors, your beliefs, your thoughts, actions and most importantly the results you get in life. Therefore I am going to show you how to use ordinary household items to make your own subliminals so that you can start to change your life today!

Firstly get a big blank piece of cardboard or paper that you can stick to the wall opposite you bed – so that if you were to sit up straight in bed you could see it!

Next, stick a picture of something that you want on it – like a new car, new house, new clothes etc. Write underneath it in large block capitol letters “This or Something Better”.

If you cannot obtain a picture that is big enough to see from your bed then just write down what you want in a statement that represents you have it already. For example “I own a new red boxster sports car with all the extras”.

The more detail you add to this statement the better. I must say here that it is always better to use pictures whenever possible because your subconscious mind thinks in pictures.

Now, have a small push button torch beside you and set you alarm for a time when you know you will be fast asleep.

When your alarm sounds simply lift your torch and flash it about three times at your picture, then go back to sleep. It’s that simple to make your own subliminal messages.

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