Are You Overly Self-critical & Filled with Feelings of Unworthiness?
Do you find it hard to get ahead in life?

Then you need to boost your self-esteem!

Everyone suffers from self-doubt, low expectations and a certain degree of low self-esteem. Although the vast majority of people clearly understand who they are and how they fit into the world they do not have a great self-image due to low self-esteem.

negative-self-imageSelf-esteem is characterised by the amount of value we fell; how much we are valued, loved and accepted by others. It is also a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Many people do not feel worthy of certain things because they have been lead to believe that they are just not good enough!

In the simplest terms low-self-esteem can be described as having a low estimation of your abilities, worthiness and right to be loved; it is having a negative self-image and low expectations.

How Your Self Image is Created

positive-self-imagePeople develop their view of themselves over a long period of time starting at a very young, and impressionable, age. While you grew up you started to identify closely with those individuals that were placed in charge of your care. Most times the people who make the most impression on us when we are children are our parents.

Unfortunately low self-esteem is a mental disposition that is passed from one generation to another.

Therefore if your parents had a poor self-image and low self-esteem odds are good that you too have “inherited” the same traits!

The Effects of Low Self-Esteem

The effects of a negative self-image and feelings of unworthiness can be catastrophic in your life. At the most obvious and material level it affects all your interpersonal relationships.

At the subtle level, which sometimes goes unnoticed, low self-esteem affects your finances, health, career and much more. When you have low expectations then you tend to never strike-out and go after what you want in life and even of you do, your crippling lack of faith in yourself and your abilities inevitably leads to failure – thus reinforcing your negative self-image, low self-esteem and low expectations for the future!


When it comes to altering a human being’s perspective, their view of the world and how they see their place in it we have found hypnosis to be the quickest and most effective method for creating change.

hypnosis-self-esteemAs your self-image and your self-esteem are both just by-products of your subconscious programming we therefore thought it best to test several hypnotic titles from different suppliers to ascertain which one was most effective.

We wanted to ensure the hypnosis addressed key areas of both mental and emotional outlook to ensure it was capable of creating dramatic and permanent change.

We found two hypnosis products that was able to address the three areas most important for increasing your self-esteem. They are:

1. Your self-image.
2. Your expectations.
3. Your evaluation of yourself & your abilities.

The Self-Esteem Workshop

This is actually a collection of four different CD titles designed to address a range of issues to give you the fastest, easiest and most profound changes in your self-image.


self-esteem-workshopCD1: The first of the hypnotic sessions guides you to appreciate yourself more and develop feelings of unconditional love for who you are. The next session is designed to help you get in touch with the person you really are and to stop identifying with the negative self-image you currently hold.

CD2: These sessions are cleverly created to help you come to terms with your physical self and embrace it. You are also guided to a future time through visualizations which are then programmed into your subconscious mind as a life-plan for the future; a blueprint for your future life which your subconscious will immediately begin working towards manifesting.

CD3: This CD has three tracks. The first involves positive affirmations that are listened to in a relaxed state to reinforce the post hypnotic suggestions already given to you. The other two tracks are designed to increase your self-esteem and your self-confidence.

CD3: This is not hypnosis but a track that you can listen to while performing other things such as driving. They are actually the same affirmations form the first track of CD3 but are designed to be listened to while fully conscious.

This hypnosis product is also available as an MP3 download.

Self Esteem Workshop


The Self-Esteem Booster

Although this is just one hypnotic session it is not just designed to instil new beliefs into your subconscious mind. Any product that merely takes this approach and does not first address the negative programming that already exists in the subconscious is worse than useless!

Without firs removing your negative subconscious programming you can never expect to get positive results from any self improvement or personal development tool that you are using. It’s like trying to throw good fruit on top of bad fruit – before long you have a mass of bad fruit and a mess bigger than it was before you tried to fix it!

This is one of the reasons we have chosen the ‘Self Esteem Booster’ hypnosis session offered byInstant Hypnosis as the best product.

The creators have produced a product that addresses the three key areas mentioned above. Using this product also ensures that any current negative programming is first removed from the subconscious mind before any new programming in introduced.


self-esteem-boosterThe “Self Esteem Booster” tackles the problem of low self-esteem by first eliminating the negative programming that already exists in your subconscious mind and then replacing it with positive beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

It addresses the three key areas of self-esteem in the following ways.

  • It greatly increases your expectations.
  • It dramatically improves your self-image.
  • It increases your feelings of worthiness and deservedness.

This product comes with a full 60 day unconditional money-back guarantee.


Self Esteem Booster



Both hypnotic products are excellent and very professionally produced. Obviously the Self-Esteem Workshop hypnosis is much more in-depth in it approach and addresses much more areas – thus it offers the greater change internally.

However The Self Esteem Booster hypnosis session is the cheaper of the two and although it does not have the same scope as the aforementioned hypnosis CDs do it will have a very positive effect on your self-image.

It really is a matter of personal resonance and your own objectives. If you feel that your self-esteem is abnormally low or you are frustrated with your current life then you should get the Self-Esteem Workshop. If, on the other hand, you just want a self esteem boost or money is an issue then the alternative Self Esteem Booster should suffice.

Self Esteem Workshop

Self Esteem Booster