Many problems in life begin with the development of a low self-concept. Believing that you are not worthy of success or are doomed to failure sets in place the foundations for failure and sows the seeds of future disappointment. However, believing you are a winner sets the stage for a lifetime of achievement.

Harbouring a low self-image and believing that you are undeserving of success becomes, what is called in psychology, a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you fail to believe in your own ability and worthiness, you expect to fail in life.

This attitude is then unconsciously projected out to others, through your words, deeds and behaviours. Others pick-up on this and then treat you in exactly the same way that you treat yourself – as unworthy and undeserving!

As life seems to reinforce your lack of self-esteem and all outer experiences tend to reflect your negative beliefs it appears as though your beliefs are true. Beliefs and life-experiences feed off each other. Expect failure and you will unconsciously seek it through your actions. This then leads to more failure which reinforces your belief that you are a failure and can only expect to fail!

In most situations this constant failure leads to a sense of apathy and feeling that there is no point in trying for success for because it is unattainable.

You must break this downward cycle!

The good news is that cycles always go in two directions! You can also create an upward cycle and you can do it in the same manner you created the downward one!

When you expect to win and believe that you deserve you will experience more success in your life because you will never stop trying until you reach your objectives. People around you will sense that you view yourself as having high value and will behaviour towards you as they would any person whom they deem has high value.

Creating a positive self-image therefore is not only essential to your success but it is also essential if you want to develop and enjoy healthy relationships. If nothing else having high self-esteem and expecting success will make you feel better about yourself and life in general.

The positive knock-on effect of believing that you deserve success and are worthy of having what you want is that you will view other people around you in a similar light. When you stop berating yourself and approve of who you are as a person you will also approve more of others and want the best for them also.

Likewise, when you do make a mistake instead of “beating yourself up” you will be more accepting of your flaws and more able to rectify them should you feel the need to. This is the view you will also hold of others and this will make you be a positive, calming person to be around. Others will see you as a strong individual who is caring and compassionate.

So, you see, you owe it to not only yourself but to those around you to increase your self-esteem and rebuild your self-image! What are you waiting for? Do it now!

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