See How Perfect The Present Really Is!

The vast majority of people living today are still very must living in the past. They allow their past experiences to taint how the view the present moment. Every situation is subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) perceived to be similar to past situations.

Most of us use the past as a gauge for how present situations are. We look for indications that will show us that history is repeating itself. Small events can often taken on huge meanings when we view compare them to previous events.

If we have been lied to in the past by ex partners then we believe our current partners are lying to us now when we see only small comparisons with our previous partner.

If we have been cheated on in the past by a partner then we automatically assume we are being cheated on now if there are even the tiniest of similarities in situations.

For example, you were cheated on by a partner who continually kept their cell phone on silent to avoid taking any “embarrassing” calls from their lover while you were present. You current partner puts their phone on silent to have a quiet night and you assume they are having an affair!

You were in an abusive relationship. Your partner stubs his toe and screams in pain. You assume he is violent and will eventually hit you.

We also use the past as a way of predicting how future events will turn out. If we failed to achieve a goal in the past we expect to fail again. If we have had tumultuous relationships in the past we determine that our current relationships will probably go the same way. If we have always been short of cash then we believe that the cash shortage is inevitable and will continue.

There are a smaller number of people who are always living in the future. These people are still affected by their past (like the rest of us) but do not want to confront their own issues. Instead they live in mental fantasy worlds where they have everything they want. These are the “someday” people; “someday I’ll be rich”, “one day I’ll have my own business and travel the world first class”, “someday soon I’ll meet my prince charming and live happily ever after”.

These people are trapped in future events and use the future as a way to avoid their past and to relinquish responsibility for living in the present.

We all go through phases on doing some of the above. In fact throughout each day we are guilty of either living in the past or preparing for the future. Seldom are we in the present.

There are, of course, a select few people who live in the present; we call these people “masters”. They have realised that there is only the “now” and that the past is gone and the future has not yet happened. These “master” are the creators of their own destiny and have tapped into a force within that resides in each and every one of us.

The present moment is your only point of power. There really is no past or future only right now!

Think about it for a moment. Where is the past? It exists merely as a memory in your mind. Where is the future? It is just a nebulous notion that may never exist for you. Even if you think of what you did just a moment ago you will realise that it is merely a memory and does not exist anymore in the “real” world.

However, the £now” is always there, ever present. When you learn to live in the present moment you free your mind from expectations based on the past. You give yourself permission to create a magnificent future based on your present thoughts and actions. You free yourself!

Would you like to join the masters and live a life free of worry about the future and hurts from the past? Would you like to start creating your life from a place of power and wonder? Then try the sample Sedona Method process and see just how powerful you really are!

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