The Truth About The Sedona Method. What it Can & Can’t Do.

Would you like to know how to release negativity on the spot, create financial freedom, unlimited happiness, perfect health and enjoy fulfilling relationships?

Well the people behind the Sedona Method say you can and have all that and so much more.

They claim that you can be, do and have anything and everything you want by using a simple technique developed by a 42-year-old dying man, who went on to live another 40 odds years while he went from broke to a millionaire completely stress-free.

But do these claims stand up to testing?

Does the Sedona Method Work?

We found that the Sedona Method, also known as The Release Technique, is by far one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) self-improvement techniques in existence (in all seriousness).

However, it cannot deliver on some of its promises no matter how hard you try or how well you use it.

Find out here what the Sedona Method is great for and what it will fail to deliver.


The Release Technique versus The Sedona Method

The above video shows the Sedona Method at work but both the Sedona Method and The Release Technique are the very same process that was developed by the same personal development Master.

Lester Levenson_creator of the Sedona MethodLester Levenson is the 20th Century American Master who developed the technique and taught it to a handful of personal “disciples”.

You can read about Lester’s story in our Sedona Method review here.

The Sedona Method and The Release Technique are the same technique that has merely been named differently for marketing purposes as they are promoted by two different companies spearheaded by two different disciples of Lester Levenson.

Levenson himself referred to the technique as merely “The Method”.

You can expect the same benefits from using the Release Technique as you get from the Sedona Method. However, both courses are presented in a different way.

If you are comfortable with the expenditure then it is well worth making the investment in both courses.

The Sedona Method versus The Release Technique. Here we will give you information about each course – what they are, how they work, what they do and how they can benefit you.


The Benefits of Releasing

Sedona Method helps you knock the 't' off can'tBoth the Release Technique and the Sedona Method try to achieve the same aim.

To teach you to ‘release’ or ‘let-go’ of all your inner limitations.

They are based on a very unusual method of identifying and then removing harmful subconscious blocks… permanently!

I have had personal experience with both teachings but have been using the Sedona Method for over 15 years now so I will begin with it.

Sedona Method Benefits

The Sedona Method is a highly effective tool for ‘releasing’ negativity on the spot for instant stress relief among many other benefits. It comes as a CD course presented by Sedona Associates CEO, Hale Dwoskin, who was a student and personal friend of the method’s creator Lester Levenson.

You can also pick up the much cheaper Sedona Method book on Amazon that teaches you the technique but to get the most out of it you should really invest in the 20 CD course, also available on Amazon that walks you through everything in detail.

Although their web site and written literature claims that the method can be used to obtain anything and will allow you to easily have all that you physically desire, I tend to disagree with their hype.

In fact I know a lot of people who have taken the Sedona Method course and none that I am aware of have ever achieved any major financial goals by using it.

However, that is not to say that the “Sedona Method” is not effective.

It is very effective, especially when it is applied to the removal of all those pent-up feelings and aggravations that weigh on you during the day.

Core Sedona Method Teachings

Once you get to the core of the Sedona Method you will be able to release any emotions you are feeling. This is very powerful when used on childhood issues and negative mental programming received from parents, peers or situations.

I achieved more personal growth in six months using the Sedona Method than I had in ten years of using psychology, hypnosis, visualization, subliminals, affirmations or anything else for that matter. And I am not the only one.

When I first purchased the method I was very skeptical. It promised the earth and had a very sleek marketing look.

I thought … “this will never work.”

But, to my amazement, it did!

It really is possible to ‘let-go’ of feelings as they arise – any feelings.

I found that using it I could ‘release’ anger, sorrow, frustration literally within seconds… name it I could ‘release’ it.

Having spoken to many Sedona Method graduates I found similar stories.

I also gave it to several reviewers who had similar experiences using it.

So I think I can safely say that this was not just a one-off case.

It is an effective weapon in any dedicated self-improvement buff’s arsenal.

Although the Sedona Method teaches an outstanding way to accelerate personal growth (and I would never give my CD set away), I must say that it doesn’t exactly do ‘what it says on the tin’! I have never been able to manifest or attract any material objectives by using Sedona Method process.

However, I have had a lot of success using the exercises outlined in The Release Technique.

Having said that, The Sedona Method can be used to resolve any outstanding issue and clear away blocks to obtaining your goals (but so can The Release technique).

As far as emotional issues are concerned the Sedona Method is the most powerful personal development tool I have ever used!

Sedona Method Video

Sedona Method Introduction


Release Technique Benefits

The Release Technique also uses the premise that you can ‘let-go’ of limiting beliefs and feelings instantly.

Release Technique Course MaterialsHowever, the approach used by its creator Larry Crane, also a student and friend of the late Lester Levenson, is much different from the Sedona Method.

While Hale and Sedona take a gentle approach to ‘releasing’, Larry jumps right in.

He has created a CD course, simply called ‘The Release Technique’ (formerly known as ‘The Abundance Course’), with which he claims to have made 10 millionaires in just six months!

I thought that this was more marketing hype and decided to dig around for more information.

Financial Success with the Release Technique

It seems that the creator’s of the Sedona Method have been much better at the marketing game in the past because until recently it was relatively hard to get any valuable information on The Release Technique.

Whereas Sedona Associates are plastered all over the web and have flyers through my letterbox every few months. So I decided to write Larry Crane an email.

To my surprise I received his personal number back within a matter of hours and was soon talking with him (I had to wait 3 weeks on an email reply from Hale which worked its way through two other people).

I must admit that our conversation was most enjoyable.

I achieved financial success using the release technique

Larry asked me to focus on my finances and then walked me through a few short exercises, which he was adamant where ‘just the basics’ of the “release technique”.

It was a new approach to ‘releasing’, which I found most refreshing and enjoyable.

But, the surprising thing was NOT what he said to me……”just release and watch abundance fall right into your pocket.”

Oh no the surprise came the next day.

Well I have no idea if it was using the technique and ‘releasing’ or not but I received a telephone call ‘out of the blue’ that doubled my income!

I am still somewhat reluctant to give the ‘releasing’ session credit but I have uncovered similar stories and of course, after that demonstration, I just had to buy the course.

Unfortunately because The Release Technique has not been as widely promoted as The Sedona Method it is less well-known.


Release Technique Video



Sedona Method Conclusion

The Sedona Method is a truly marvellous product. It really can help you to eliminate all those unwanted feelings. Within 10 minutes of listening to the first CD you will see and feel the benefits. Once you are fully trained in the method you can and will release negativity within seconds!

Unfortunately, I can find little evidence to suggest that the Sedona Method can be used to create unlimited financial abundance. However, as a spiritual, emotional and mental improvement tool it is amazing.

It can also be used for some goal-attainment: for example finding the perfect partner is within its scope as it helps you become a more tolerant and loving person – thus opening you up to new potential partners.

I think its limitations are due to the fact that the sedona method is a basic course teaching you the ‘how to of releasing’.

However, even the basics can be unbelievably effective at removing old issues from your consciousness.

The Sedona Method is truly a 21st Century, easy to apply system that can and will work wonders in your life.

In short – The Sedona Method works for stress relief, as a spiritual tool, a self-improvement tool and as a personal development method it is unequaled. However for financial success it simply does not work.

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Release Technique Conclusion

The Release Technique course concentrates mostly on creating abundance in your life and is much more tailored to those who which to achieve physical goals. I really can’t say whether it would be possible to become a millionaire using this technique but I did find it much more helpful when eliminating those self-sabotaging programs that kept me from creating more wealth.

The Release Technique Course teaches a more in-depth use of ‘releasing’ to achieve physical abundance than the Sedona Method and could be called an advanced course in releasing. I can honestly say that since using it I have had a marked improvement of abundance in ALL areas of my life.

Click Here for The Full Release Technique Method Course

Which Course is Right for You?

In conclusion: For those with a more spiritual leaning, or who have deep-seated emotional issues they wish to resolve, I would strongly advise them to try the Sedona Method. Its gentle approach and focus on spiritual/emotional issues really can accelerate personal growth.

For those of you more interested in the ‘nuts & bolts’ of self-improvement (and all those aspiring millionaires) I would say The Release Technique as taught by Larry might be a better choice.

However, you really can’t go wrong with either and both sites are well worth a look.

Both The Sedona Method and The release Technique are, without a doubt, based on the most powerful self-improvement techniques I have ever used.

You can find links to both courses below.

2017 Update

My Experience With Releasing
Michael McGrath, September 2017
Since first learning The Sedona and going through the entire and then later going through The Release Technique course, I purchased the Goals & Resistance Course (advanced “releasing” exercises).

Since then I have literally changed all areas of my life for the better.

There is no question in my mind that this amazing tool has allowed me to become financially independent and a goal-achiever in every area of my life.

I seriously urge you to at least try this technique – you will not be sorry!




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