Sedona Method Sample Process

Here is a five step process for using the Sedona Method. Although five steps might sound like a lot (because I did say you could do it in an instant) when you are proficient at using the technique you will be able to perform these 5 steps in seconds. However, like anything else in life you must get some practise and that is why this simple process is broken down into steps for you.

Try it now and enjoy!

A 5 step process to letting go of unwanted feelings in an instant.

1. Target the problem.

Identify a problem that you feel you have or something that you want to change. It can be anything that you would like to feel happier about.

Now permit yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in this moment about that issue. This does not need to be an intense feeling. It can be just a small annoyance. In fact when you are first learning to use the method it may be best to choose on a slight annoyance. With many intense or powerful issues there are many layers to the feelings and, just for now, you want to experience the relief from “releasing” the feeling and the issue. So just pick something small!

In fact, you can even check on how you feel about this exercise and what you want to get from it. Just welcome the feeling and permit it to be as entirely there as best as you are able in this moment.

This instruction may seem simplistic, but it needs to be. Many of us live in our minds. We are constantly focused on the past or the future and very rarely do we find ourselves fully engaged in the present moment. Rather than being conscious of how we feel in this moment we tend to deflect our focus “Out there” away from ourselves.

The only time that we are able to do anything about how we is right now!

Now identify how you feel. Do not think about it. Get in touch with the feeling. For most people they can exactly identify that the feeling is expressing itself in their stomach or chest area. Do you feel the feeling now?

Even if you are feeling dead, flat, blank, cut off, or empty, those are feelings too. You can “release” those feelings just as easily as any other.

2. Ask yourself any one of the following 3 questions:

a) Could I let go of this feeling?
b) Could I permit this feeling to be here?
c) Could I welcome this feeling?

These questions are just asking you if it is feasible to take this action. “Yes” or “no” are both satisfactory answers. You’ll frequently let go even if you are saying “no.” As best you can, simply take the first answer you get.

3. Are you willing to let it go?

Depending on which query you started with, ask one of these straightforward questions:

a) Would I let it go?
b) Would I let this feeling be here?
c) Would I welcome this feeling?

It’s not relevant whether the feeling is justified, long-standing, or right. All you are asking is would you be willing to let it go!

If the answer’s “no,” or if you aren’t sure, ask: “Would I rather have this feeling, or would I rather be free of this negativity?”

4. When will you do it?

Ask the next question:


This is an invite to just let it go right now. Asking this question alone is sometimes enough for you to allow the feeling to just dissipate.

When you perform these actions you can also imagine the feeling is leaving that area of your body where you identified it was like smoke from a chimney or pressure from an uncapped oil well. If you are more auditory then you can imagine that it makes a hissing sound as it leaves. If you are kinaesthetic just feel it leaving.

Within a few seconds you can return to the issue in your mind and you will find that it has lessened in strength.

5. Rinse & Repeat.

Repeat the preceding four steps as often as you need to until you are totally free of that particular feeling.

You can use this on any issue even your goals. Try it you will be amazed at what happens. Do you want to be able to use the Sedona Method to eliminate all your stress, improve your relationships, solve your financial issues and heal your body? Then read the full review at Sedona Method.

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