Sedona Method Explained

Anyone interested in personal growth, self improvement or personal development has heard the concept that thoughts create things. In fact the belief that the mental is causal over the physical is a major axiom of self improvement.

For this reason visualization exercises, affirmations, self hypnosis, subliminal programming and a host of other tools and techniques have been devised – in order to change your thinking so that you can create more of what you want in life.

However, the problem with these approaches is that they do not address a fundamental problem with the law of attraction. What is that problem? Well it is not your conscious thoughts that are the primary cause of what you attract or create in life but your unconscious thoughts!

This leads to another problem – your unconscious thoughts are mostly negative and limiting in nature! It just seems to be a part of life on this little blue planet to be born with a subconscious mind that soaks up all the negativity around it! Fortunately though, just as it can assimilate negative beliefs and harbour negative thoughts and emotions it is possible to fill it with positive beliefs, thoughts and emotions! However, first you have to get rid of the negative ones!

Imagine there was a way to remove all your subconscious blocks to success. Imagine if you could ensure your automatic thinking remained always positive. Now, imagine you could have, be or do anything you desired because you no longer had “negativity” stopping you at every turn?

Would you be interested?

Well the Sedona Method can do all of the above and more!

The Sedona Method is extremely easy to learn, and simple to use. It is designed to help get rid of negative thoughts and beliefs through a unique, yet powerful technique, that rids you of unwanted feelings.

If you have watched The Secret or are interested in visualization or the law of attraction then you will know that in order to have any success with attraction techniques you must evoke strong positive emotions along with your mental picture, affirmations etc.

The role that emotions play in the creation process should not be underestimated. Your feelings drive your unconscious and conscious thoughts, thoughts create you reality and therefore, it stands to reason, that your emotions are a powerful influence in your life.

This is why the Sedona Method, and Release Technique, focuses on removing unwanted feelings because it is then feelings that are driving your negative thoughts. Once these feelings are “released” your thinking becomes naturally positive – because positivity is your basic nature!

Using the method it is possible to release negative unwanted feelings within second and eliminate HUNDREDS of negative unconscious thoughts that are connected to them. This has a two-fol defect on your life.

Firstly, when you “release” you feel a lot better! It is as if a huge weight has been lifted off you.

Secondly, things in your life begin to change as if by magic – because your thoughts have become more positive and are thus attracting positive things to you.

Would you like to remove all your self-imposed limitations and start to live the life you’ve always dreamed of? Then read the full review of the Sedona Method to find out how you can!

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