Secret of Happiness!

Is there really a secret to lasting happiness? Can you create an unlimited amount of joy in your life? To answer these questions it is necessary to get in touch with what you believe happiness to be!

If you ask someone what they want from life the answer is almost always “happiness” or “to be happy” or some derivative of these. However, when you ask them what would make them happy they usually fail to quantify it.

Many people though equate happiness to “stuff”. If they had a bigger car, better job, larger house etc., then they would be happy. Anyone involved in self improvement and personal development knows only too well that material possessions do not bring you happiness.

Of course having more things can make life easier and more fun, at least for awhile. However, in the long run having more toys is merely a distraction and it doesn’t take long for the novelty of a new toy, such as a car or house, to wear off!

“Things” Do not make you happy!

There are other people who believe that relationships are the key to happiness. “If only such-and-such would love me….”, “if I could find a loving partner, if my spouse understood me better….” – “then I would be happy”. These are all common misunderstandings of what brings happiness.

Another person can never make you happy. If that were the case then other people would hold all-power over you. If relationships were the key to happiness then every person who was loved would be happy! Guess what? – They aren’t!

The truth is simple yet hard to grasp; happiness comes from within. Happiness is a choice. Happiness is a state of mind not a material place we must strive to reach!

In order to feel happy we must first be satisfied with who we are and where we are in life. If you wish to feel happier you should begin by cultivating a feeling of gratitude for the blessings you have in life.

Gratitude is starting point for conscious creation and also for inner and outer happiness!

When you are grateful for what you have you open the way to receive more things to be grateful for. You also evoke strong positive emotions which in turn create strong positive thoughts. When you are feeling positive, a real genuine positivity not mere wishful thinking or fooling yourself with “positive thinking”, your life gets better.

Once you feel grateful for what you already have a shift takes place in your consciousness. It is dissatisfaction, frustration and fear that cause us to feel unhappy. When then attribute those feelings to someone or something else and apportion blame to that person or thing for making us unhappy.

However, you make yourself unhappy or happy depending on how you choose to react to life!

Unfortunately human beings are filled with subconscious feelings and thoughts that almost always override any conscious efforts to reprogram the mind. When you consciously try to feel grateful for what you have your subconscious mind automatically lets you know about all the things in your life that you will find it hard to be grateful for. Sound familiar?

In order to feel truly happy you need to weed out your negative subconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs and eliminate them forever! Are you interested in doing this? Then visit The Sedona Method, watch the free videos and try the process. You have nothing to lose and only happiness, abundance and peace to gain!

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