Scientific Proof for the Power of Suggestion

A placebo effect is easy to explain but hard to understand. In medical cases a placebo is a non-active ingredient that is given to a patient instead of an actual drug.

However, the patient is told that what they are taking is the actual drug. In many cases simple sugar pills are used as placebos. When the patient takes the sugar pill, believing it to beneficial medicine and they exhibit improvement in their condition we call this the placebo effect.

Due to the patient’s belief that what they are taking is in fact a medically and scientifically engineered drug they heal themselves through the power of belief and suggestion.

The very act of a competent and trained medical practitioner telling them that the medicine will heal their ailment is enough to cause healing to occur.

There are many case of the placebo effect working and doctors are well aware of its potency when treating patients.

The placebo effect is one of the best examples of the power of suggestion and belief. It also demonstrates the mind’s immense power over the body!

The expectation of the patient that he/she will get better and the belief that the “drug” they are taking is capable of making improvement is enough to start healing within the body.

Why this works no-one really knows. However, as a person interested in personal development or self growth you should find it fascinating and very helpful in your inner work.

If a placebo effect can help a patient heal the body through suggestion and belief then what else is possible?

Is it possible to effect an outcome, attract a situation or better your life merely through the belief that it can be done?

Well, the short answer to that question is “yes”!

The power of belief and expectancy can create miracles in your life. Many gurus and spiritual teachers have used the placebo effect in the past, and present, to convince their students that if they performed certain mental or spiritual exercises they would get major self improvement in their lives. Just as a medical placebo works so did this approach!

In fact if we consider what the spiritual masters have told us for centuries, that all physical life is but a dream and that we hold the consciousness of the Creator within us, then isn’t every act a placebo?

If we are unlimited beings then what does an unlimited being need to do to be, do or have anything?

Obviously being unlimited an unlimited being needs to do nothing to have, be or do whatever it wants. We feel that we need to perform some actions or remove some blocks or have some insights in order to have, be or do something. However, as unlimited beings we need do nothing!

Therefore every self improvement, personal development or personal growth tool or technique that we use is a sort of placebo that we convince ourselves is responsible for the change, when really all along it is us!

Would you like to awaken the unlimitedness within you that you are pretending is not there? Would you like to exhibit the abilities of an unlimited being to have, do and be whatever you want by doing nothing? Then check out The Release Technique now!

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