Science Finally Answers The Question “Do Subliminal Messages Work?”

Do subliminal messages actually work? It is time to answer this question once and for all. Using recent scientific evidence from a string of high profile clinical scientific studies that have been performed in different places over the world by highly qualified and well respected doctors and professors.

I am not going to cite the most famous of all “scientific studies” into the effectiveness of subliminal programming by drawing attention to the James Vicary experiment of 1957. I am simply going to ignore this outdated experiment because it never took place and by Vicary’s own admission had falsified data and findings.

Neither will I cite the famous subliminal experiments conducted in later part of the 20th Century that culminated in the1980s and caused more controversy around an already controversial subject when they claimed subliminal messages actually worked!

Even the now famous report titled, “The Effects of an Auditory Subliminal Perception Message upon the Production of Images and Dreams” which was published in Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease in1986, which showed that 77% of subjects correctly identified a three digit number after being exposed to it through a subliminal message. Only 10% who were not exposed to the subliminals guessed correctly.

Even though the studies conducted in the late 20th Century are impressive I am not going to go into them further.

Instead I would like to point you in the direction of 21st Century clinical experiments that quite clearly show what subliminal messages can and cannot do!

This experiments have been conducted by highly qualified and very well respected members of the scientific community and their findings irrefutably suggests that subliminal programming is no longer a subject that can be scoffed at by mainstream science.

The simple truth is stated clearly in many recent clinical trials a few of which I will outline here.

Very recently in 2006, in the Netherlands at the University of Nijmegen, Johan Karremans and his team uncovered the amazing power of subliminal programming to affect the preferences of human beings.

In a clinical trial designed to discover if subliminal messages could be effective in advertising Karremans’ team subjected individuals to subliminal messages in an attempt to sway their preferences for one product over another.

They choose two products that were equally as popular but embedded subliminal messages to get volunteers to pick “Lipton Ice”.

Of those that were not shown the subliminal messages only 20% chose Lipton Ice. However, of those that were exposed to the subliminal messages 80% chose it!

Other studied conducted at Dukes University also confirmed that subliminal stimuli affected the behaviour and thought processes of their volunteers. In England more research also highlighted how effective subliminal messages are by using sophisticated electronic equipment to demonstrate how they were registered by the brain!

Again in 2009 another UK study by UCL researchers discovered the startling truth that negative subliminal messages affect human beings even more than positive ones.

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As you can see recent high-tech clinical trials have shown quite clearly that subliminal messages work!

With the British discovery that negative subliminal messages being more powerful than positive ones, and with growing evidence that subliminal messages are used in advertising and politics, it may even be time to utilize the power of subliminal software to create your own!

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