Right Thinking Verses Wrong Thinking!

If you are aware of any teachings that promote the Law of Attraction then you will know that many personal development gurus propose that we create our own realities through our thoughts. Self improvement, at large, holds the view that we all create our own luck, whether it’s good or bad. It seems that consciously, or unconsciously, we may have only ourselves to blame for the current conditions in our lives. However, I think this view is harsh and unfair.

It may be true that we create our own circumstances. The law of attraction is real I have no doubt about that. There is a multitude of evidence to support this great law and very little real, tangible evidence against it! However, working with this law in a conscious effort to attraction, create or manifest what we want is not always a straight forward matter.

It is true that your thoughts create the reality around you. Everything that you experience, own or have been involved with was attracted to you by virtue of your predominant thoughts.

This realisation should be enough to break free from a lifetime of bad habits, branch out in new life directions, form new careers and relationships that are fulfilling and basically guide your own destiny. – Right? – Wrong!

Unfortunately if conscious manifestation was such an easy task we would all live in mansions and drive fabulous, expensive cars – but we don’t!

Although we are constantly creating everyday most people find conscious creation difficult. It seems that we effortless create our realities every day, month and year yet we cannot consciously create the smallest things. Why is this?

The truth is simple to explain but hard to master. Creation for human beings is effortless. It was meant to be effortless. You should be able to think a thought and have the very thing you thought of instantly. Unfortunately we have forgot that we can do this and in this spiritual school, called life on Earth, we have set-up a thing called time!

We think a thought and a certain amount of time passes before that thought materialises in the world or attracts situations, circumstances and events that are similar to it vibrationally. Therefore, we do not see the correlation between the thought and the event.

However, if you take a real introspective look at your life you will see strong evidence of this. You will especially notice that your life seems to follow the pattern of your predominant thoughts and feelings.

However, there is more at work in the manifesting process than this!

The reason why you can create effortless, and in fact already do, is because your subconscious mind has millions of thoughts, beliefs and feelings running automatically and constantly.

These subconscious patterns of thinking are the main driving force of your life. Your subconscious thoughts create 90% of your reality! It happens effortlessly.

Therefore if you want to create more of the things you want in an effortless manner you must first change your subconscious thoughts! This is the key to real manifestation.

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