Reverse Engineering – for goal achievement

by Michael McGrath

This is one of the best processess available for identifying and achieving your goals. When used in conjunction with Releasing it is almost impossible to fail!

Where is your motivation seated? If it doesn’t originate from your long-term vision, then you are in danger of never reaching your ultimate goals. Goal setting has always been problematic, at least for most people. Primarily, this is because motivation and goals must be in the right relationship to each other for success to occur. It isn’t exactly a science; in fact, it would best be described as motivation and goal alignment. You’ve heard the saying, .I can’t see the forest for the trees.. It’s the same concept. Your motivation is the “strength” behind achieving your goals. Misaligning your motivation means you are in danger of exhausting your strength before you reach your goal. Ultimately, what happens is a shift in focus, from your long-range to your short-term activities and this results in subjective and short-term, rather than objective and long-term motivation: being motivated only when you achieve good results and de-motivated when you don’t.

So, how do you identify your goals and develop a strategic outlook (objective motivation), so that the goals themselves motivate you to reach them every single day? People usually put their goals in motion by picturing, in their head, a specific result and then acting with their best intentions and effort, hoping they move towards their goal and not away from it.

Often this method of goal setting just doesn’t offer enough motivation. The greatest problems are:

When moving towards your goal, you don’t really know whether you are taking the fastest path or even if you are moving in the right direction (the direct path isn’t .always. or necessarily the best path!). Sometimes, you will discover, much later, that you wandered off from your path somewhere without even noticing it…

You don’t know what awaits you on your path to the successful realization of your goal. Therefore, it’s easy for your subconscious to begin imagining various. scenarios. (which are usually negative) about what might happen to you on the path you’ve chosen . and you don’t want this! Because you aren’t certain what waits you, and at the same time fear something horrible, you start having doubts and worries. This often leads to seeking excuses to stop instead of confirmations to move forward.

Because your path is unique and thus, true, only for you, this means that no one has ever walked on it in exactly the same way before . you don’t even know if realizing this goal is realistic in practice . yet. You might be tempted to start looking for various confirmations in the form of, that person already did this and this is how they did it.. If you can’t find them, your mind may begin to reject your desire to accomplish it. No one has ever done this in this way. Why should you succeed?

As you can see, these are all very realistic reasons why people often fail. Surprisingly, it usually happens right in the very beginning, when the goal must be identified and the path drawn out. What now?

There’s a very special way that will help you identify your goals and consistently motivate you to keep moving forward. This uniquely effective process will erase all the challenges listed above as well.

The .Reverse Engineering. process is pretty simple and as with most things in life, you only need to do it right to reap the rewards and be successful.

The primary difference between this process and other goal setting systems is that you don’t begin from your existing situation and blindly move forward from there. As you can see, you would be forging ahead without knowing what lies ahead. Instead, you begin with the realized goal (as if you’ve already achieved it) and move backwards, drawing your path as you go. Thus, you now have very precisely set guidelines (short-term goals) on how you will achieve your ultimate goal . and you have all the activities you need to reach it written down in detail.

You will also be able to .see. what awaits you in the future, down the road. In reaching for the top (your realized goal), you’ll be able to clearly see where the next step is that you need to take or where you have to move to achieve the next level.

The System That Enables You to Achieve Your Goals and Motivates You Every Day to Move Forward Let’s look at an example of how to put this system into practice. You might discover, as some have, that, in fact, you already use this system subconsciously. Here, you will learn how to consciously apply it and use it in practically any situation

Many people want to travel. However, .I want to travel. is not a goal, it is a generalized desire. A desire is not a goal unless it is specific and has a deadline. We alter the goal to: .I want to spend the month of December, of this year, in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

Now you have the foundation. What else do you need to achieve this goal? Time and money. For the sake of our example, let’s say you’ve already requested and been granted the time off from work to go on your trip. The final hurtle, then, is to solve the challenge of money. In order to do that, the ”money matter” must be broken down let’s see how it can be solved.

Before we continue, let’s pause and look at how you might act had you not considered the advice of the Reverse Engineering process. When would you usually head for Australia? Clearly, once you have enough time and money. Put simpler: once you save enough money and take a month of absence from work.

In other words, you start goal setting from the origin of your current situation and take a step towards you goal. In this case, taking a forward step means putting some money away to start saving. On Friday, you put a portion of your paycheck into your “vacation fund”.

However, when Saturday comes and you go shopping, what stops you from being distracted by something you’d like to have now? Such as: ” If I don’t get this dress (or this suit) now, when it’s on sale, I’ll never get it. I’ll start saving for Australia next month”.

When you purchase the dress (or the suit or whatever it may be), you take a side step. (Why not a step back? Because you were disciplined enough to actually deposit some money into your “vacation fund,” even though you are now dipping into it.)

Over the following weeks and coming months you really start saving money. But then winter comes and you find yourself dipping into the fund again to buy new tires for your car, pay for unexpected heating costs that seem to have suddenly risen or any number of things. Thank God, you have some money on the side, right?

And so on…

This tactic, where you move towards the goal from your current situation has a distinct flaw that is easy to see in case: You aren’t really certain if you are ever going to have enough money and time to go to Australia. In other words: whether you will ever be in the position to really reach your goal.

Even if you have set the goal of saving enough money, you still have no idea when you’ll have enough saved to go!

And even if you do get the money by December, you still might not be able to go, simply because you would have had to request your time off from work (given it’s a whole month you want) at least a few months in advance.

By the way, do you see any resemblance here to business situations? It applies in all areas many people often have the problem of not being certain how, if or when their actions will bring them to their goal. In addition, they feel powerless, even though they are doing everything possible to move things along faster and in the best possible way. Reverse Engineering,. as we already discussed, is the most effective way to identify and achieve your goals. This process turns goal achieving on its head! It means that you first imagine a goal as if you’ve already achieved it (enough money to travel to Australia) and identify what had to be done just before realization that enabled you to achieve your goal. Then, you just proceed backwards: what needed to be done one step earlier. And then earlier, etc. Thus, you so originate from the already achieved goal and move backwards through phases, until you reach your current situation.

Here’s what the process looks like when applied. Again, we’ll focus on the financial part and assume you can easily arrange the leave of absence from work, now that you know. when you are going.

What is the last phase before reaching your goal? It’s actually having the money, let’s say $5,000 USD for instance. Now, take one step backward. What is the easiest way possible to make the money you need . is it .all in one shot,. like taking it out of savings or cashing in some stock or is it easier to put aside $500 USD each month for the ten months you have before you travel? Only you can make this determination; do you make enough money that you .can. set aside $500 USD each month? Will you have to earn it some other way? Or is this the .trip of a lifetime,. and thus one that you can justify using all your .reserve funds. for? For the sake of our example, let’s say you’ve decided to earn and save $500 USD each month for ten months. You are now one step closer . you’ve discovered you need to save $500 USD every month from now until December.

What now? Take another step backwards. .How can I make an additional $500 USD per month? If you know your personal statistics, it’s easy. What is your personal statistics? Just an overview of your current situation or an overview of the results you are currently achieving. Here is an example of a sales rep that’s paid commission on his sales: He makes $50 USD with each product he successfully sells. His experience shows him that in order to complete one successful sale, he needs to have an average of five meetings or presentations. In other words . on average, he makes a sale to every fifth prospect he speaks with. However, just to .schedule. the meeting to present the product, he needs to make phone calls and on average, every second prospect he calls agrees to a live presentation. Therefore, he needs to make ten phone calls and five presentations to sell one product for a $50 USD commission.

This is his personal statistics that have been calculated using facts, not desires or thoughts. It’s pretty simple from here forward. If he knows he has to sell an additional ten products per month to make an additional$ 500 USD per month, he needs 50 additional presentations and 100 additional calls. Take one more step backwards and you can even determine his activities each day. Presuming there are 25 business days in the month (just for ease of calculation), he needs to do two additional presentations and make four additional phone calls per day in order to reach his goal (of $500 USD) at the end of the month: 2 presentations per day x 25 days = 50 additional presentations 4 calls per day x 25 days = 100 additional phone calls .

Clearly, this is the work that needs to be done in addition to the standard amount of work you do on a monthly basis, because the money you make with what you ordinarily do goes towards your living expenses. If you persist, you will reach your .great goal. in ten months. The question is: Are you ready to put in the additional time, energy and whatever else it takes to achieve your goal? If the answer is .yes,. you will reach your goal with far more certainty than if you took the .standard. path. This, of course, doesn’t go exactly the same way for every person on the planet, but what does? Inevitably, it will turn out that one month you sell more than your quota and less in others, but you have a clear picture of exactly what you need to be doing to accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

There’s an additional argument to consider: in this case, when you use .Reverse Engineering,. you can often determine your goal in regards to time and thus .see. it more clearly at the same time. Thus, it is easier to think of it as .reachable. . something you miss when you goal set from the origin of your current situation and take the .standard. path. Think about it. It’s quite daunting, for most people, to even consider being able to .gather. $5,000 over ten months for a fabulous trip. The standard way doesn.t break it down; thus, it doesn.t allow you to develop the .belief. that you CAN do it upfront. Thus, you are easily sidetracked because deep in your subconscious, you doubt you can achieve it anyway . so, it remains a .wish. that is masked as a goal.

Now, once you can see what you need to do to achieve your goal, if you decide that pursuing this goal .right now. just might take too much energy or really isn’t within your reach, that is OK too. At least this way, you won’t hold it in your mind to come back and bite you later. .If only I had tried harder back then, I would have surely realized it! Oh, what I missed…. or something similar. By consciously .choosing. against that goal at this time, you are free to focus on other things and enjoy the coming months . maybe even take a holiday to a closer destination and save the trip to Australia for another year.

The Reverse Engineering Process Delivers an Additional Lesson – Using the ‘standard’ system of goal setting, people attempt to save money from what they are already making, instead of earning more to set aside. In other words, they try to put some money off to the side with the same income.

It’s probably very clear, by now, how difficult this is in practice: as long as you are making the same amount of money, in order to save anything, it’s necessary to give up certain things you’ve .been. spending this money on. Any way you cut it that amounts to a .decrease. in your current lifestyle . changes you need to consciously make. Example: Say it costs you 80% of your income for fixed living costs and currently you use the remaining 20% for occasional purchases, such as clothes, gifts, luxuries, additional living costs, etc. This means that you are currently spending 100% of your paycheck every month and have nothing left over that you can set aside.

If you now want to save 10% of your income for the trip to Australia, only two things are possible: Either take this money from somewhere . give up something you are currently purchasing . or make some additional money. This may sound simple and clear something everyone knows but in fact, few people are ready to accept it and do something about it. Namely, it’s perfectly clear to most people that they can’t give up something they are already spending money on, yet, on the other hand, they are not ready to invest any additional time or effort to make more money. Instead, they still think they can successfully set aside some of their paycheck while making the same amount of money as before. In practice, it just doesn’t happen.

The simple fact is, you have to be realistic and choose to change or alter the path you are on, if you want to achieve your goals. The Reverse Engineering process allows you to do that effectively and with ease!

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