In the 1950s a man named Lester Levenson had a near-death experience that would change his life. After being sent home to die after his second major heart attack Lester discovered some secrets to the Universe and devised a way to have, be and do anything he wanted; all he had to do was remove his unwanted emotions and his thinking became positive. As your thoughts create your reality this meant his life become positive also.

Using his newly created “Sedona Method” Lester completely healed his body within 3 months and within 6 months became a millionaire!

Through the simple act of “releasing” your emotions you can have the same power! Here I will give you some history behind the sedona method and to let you know what it is capable of doing for you.

It all started for Lester at the age of 42 when he was sent home to die by his doctors. He had only just survived his 2nd huge coronary but unfortunately the prognosis was bad; he was given just two weeks to live!

His doctor ordered him to stay in bed and not even tie his show laces because it would most likely put too much strain on his heart and kill him instantly.

Lester had always been a materialist. Being a trained physicist he only believed in what he could see and touch and had no religious or metaphysical interests at all. However, when he was faced with a death sentence Lester started to question the meaning of life.

He reviewed his role in life and questioned why he was even here – what was the point of it all? Lester asked himself over and over again “what is the meaning of life? Why am I here? And what do I really want from life?”

After querying what it was he wanted from life Lester discovered that he was looking for happiness. He had always felt most satisfied when he’d been in love and had felt most sad when he wanted someone else to love him. So he started to change all his unloving feelings to feelings of love and found himself getting physically stronger.

Then Lester discovered that all his life he had desired to alter the past and this had affected his thinking. He also found he had been looking for approval or love from others so that he could feel safe and when he got this approval it would feel good but the feelings would quickly dissipate.

He then discovered that these thoughts had been attracting and creating negative experiences in his life and that the thoughts themselves were driven by his negative, unloving feelings.

After the primary shock of this discovery Lester went on to create the Sedona Method. He exploited the sedona method to get rid of these emotions, and thus the thoughts and experiences they created, and within only three months his bodily ailments were fully cured and his heart was restored to that of a much younger man!

6 months after his initial brush with death Lester became a multi-millionaire through very little effort and using none of his own money.

His teachings are now easily accessible in a course that teaches you how to do everything he did called the Release Technique!

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